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  • Bill Samsonoff
    Apr 4, 2013

      US diaspora help
      04 April 2013 21:25

      NEW YORK - The Greek and Cypriot community in the US aims to give
      support to the island, following a meeting of community leaders at the
      Greek Orthodox diocese headquarters in New York under Archbishop Demetrios.

      The meeting was addressed via video link by Foreign Minister Ioannis
      Kasoulides who outlined the plan for a solidarity fund.

      After the meeting Demetrius said they would create a fund for
      humanitarian aid, to be distributed on the island through the
      Archbishopric of Cyprus.
      In the economic aspect, the idea was suggested of issuing Cyprus bonds,
      along the lines of Israel bonds.

      At the political level they will inform members of Congress and opinion
      leaders about the situation in Cyprus and also put pressure on
      Washington. Expatriates and the Archbishop will meet with President
      Obama on April 18 at the White House.

      An announcement is expected later today on practical moves.

      The meeting which lasted approximately two and a half hours, was
      attended among others, the Presidents of the Cyprus Federation of
      America and PSEKA Peter Papanicolaou and Philip Christopher, the
      coordinator of the Unified Effort, Andy Manatos, the President of AHI
      Nick Larigakis, representatives of AHEPA and representatives of large
      organisations from the Cypriot community and entrepreneurs.

      Speaking to reporters, PSEKA President Philip Christopher said there
      were three areas of action.

      “The first is humanitarian and the need for immediate relief efforts,”
      he said.

      “We decided - based on the advice of the Minister - that anyone who
      wants to offer money can do so via the Archdiocese, which will forward
      it to the Archbishop to redirect the money for their cause.

      “The second is economic. Archbishop Demetrios, presented recommendations
      as to how the Solidarity Fund could be "Americanised" and operate under
      the regulations of the U.S. Federal Securities and Exchange Commission
      (SEC) to create Cyprus bonds.”

      The bonds would start giving returns after 2020.

      “This we believe will be the most effective way, as it is not charity
      but an investment.”

      The third was the political approach to American leaders.