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17693The relationship of Orthodoxy with media and politics in Poland

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    Mar 26, 2013
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      The relationship of Orthodoxy with media and politics in Poland
      Tomasz Tarasiuk, Translation: Anna Bondaruk / 16.03.2013

      A seminar „Religion, media and politics in Poland – a minority
      perspective” took place in Suprasl between 8 and 10 March 2013. The
      seminar was organized as a part of European Forum of Media, Religion and
      Democracy and was devoted to the Orthodox presence in mass media.

      The meeting was organized by Oikonomos and Orthodox Intitiative OrthNet
      with the assistance of Suprasl Academy. The seminar began with a lecture
      by Father Henryk Paprocki. It is a part of a cycle of lectures called
      The Forum of Theological Thought. The lecture was devoted to St Paul
      Florenski, his biography and theological and scientific heritage.

      The second day started with a liturgy in church of St John Theologian.
      Subsequently, the participants of the meeting listened to a series of
      lectures by Fr. Doctor Jerzy Tofiluk (PSD, ChAT), professor Andrzej
      Sadowski (UwB), Fr. Doctor Andrzej Kuźma (PSD, ChAt), Fr. Doctor Henryk
      Paprocki (PSD, TVP), Doctor Nicolas Kazarian (Institute of St Sergey in
      Paris). Tomasz Tarasiuk (Cerkiew.pl). Moreover, renowned Orthodox
      activists (Eugeniusz Czykwin, Marek Masalski and Slawomir Nazaruk)
      participated in discussion. Each lecture was followed by a discussion
      with representatives of media industry and educational institutions,
      politicians and priests.

      The focus of lectures was on Orthodox presence in Polish media, how
      Orthodox minority sees the present situation, what are the main
      challenges that Orthodox believers and church are facing now with regard
      to their relationship with media and politics.

      The rising popularity of the Internet, its relationship with the
      Orthodox church, challenges, opportunities as well as dangers connected
      with this medium were discussed. As it was concluded, all other kinds of
      media are now linked with the internet. Everyone agreed that the
      coexistence and cooperation of all Orthodox media is vital. All Orthodox
      editorial teams should make an effort to cooperate. Thanks to the
      seminar the participants learned about historical grounding of the topic
      and the present situaton, most importantly, it was a great opportunity
      to discuss the future.

      The last day of the seminar was a workshop of editorial team of
      Cerkiew.pl. Mr Aleksander Wasyluk from OrthNet fellowship presided led
      the meeting. We can now tell our readers that in near future cerkiew.pl
      will present a new logo.