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17681Message of the Patriarch of Romania on the occasion of the Election of the New Pope

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    Mar 21, 2013
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      Message of the Patriarch of Romania on the occasion of the Election of
      the New Pope

      His Holiness Pope FRANCIS
      City of Vatican

      Your Holiness,

      The Romanian Orthodox Church is sharing in these moments of joy of the
      Roman Catholic Church, following Your Holiness’ election as Bishop of
      Rome and Pope.

      We are convinced that the genuine moral values, based on the
      bi-millenary Christian faith, will continue to be central in your
      activity as the Primate of the Roman Catholic Church, taking into
      account the work that Your Holiness has already undertaken during your
      pastoral activity in Argentina. This mission is also a priority in our
      Orthodox Church. Therefore, in this context, it is very necessary to
      cooperate in order to realise solidarity with those who suffer most from
      the economical and spiritual crisis of contemporary world, in order to
      give a common witness to the world, in the spirit of the merciful love
      of our Lord Jesus Christ.

      We express also our hope that Your Holiness will continue to support our
      Romanian Orthodox faithful living in large number in various countries
      of Europe, particularly in Italy, as it was constantly promoted by your
      predecessors late Pope John Paul II and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.

      With esteem and fraternal love in Christ

      † DANIEL
      Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church

      14.03.2013 | 13:50