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17680The Patriarch of Romania Met the Counsellors of the Social-Philanthropic Departments of the Eparchies of the Country

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    Mar 21, 2013

      The Patriarch of Romania Met the Counsellors of the Social-Philanthropic
      Departments of the Eparchies of the Country

      On 15 March 2013, His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel met at the Patriarchal
      Residence the representatives of the social-philanthropic departments of
      the eparchies of the Romanian Patriarchate. During the last few days
      they participated in the regional workshop organised in Bucharest on the
      Principles of the Philanthropic field – Principles of the social
      integration from Orthodox perspective, organised by FORTE project.

      On this occasion, His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel thanked them all for
      the activity developed and urged them to cooperate even more with the
      departments of the eparchial centres, with the state authorities, as
      well as with various organisations and institutions which unfold social
      activities: “We thank you all and congratulate you for the activity
      developed so far. Certainly, the needs are big and many when it comes to
      help the poor, sick, children, old people, single persons, so that from
      this point of view we only sewed signs of hope in time of sufferance. It
      is still much to be done, the intensity of their work is different and
      there are social programmes of the eparchies different as number and
      support. This is why the programme projects must be intensified just
      like the cooperation with the economical departments of the eparchies.”

      Cooperation at the level of the eparchial centre as well as in the
      territory is very important. Wherever the projects are successful they
      must be continued or completed with some other projects, His Beatitude
      also said, showing that: cooperation with the local authorities must be
      intensified too. We wish to cooperate with the state institutions and
      the organisations with similar purposes, but we cannot accept the Church
      to assume the responsibility of some state institutions. From this point
      of view we think the work of the Church is very important, but the
      social-philanthropic work can never be separated from the spiritual
      work. The first charitable work of the Church is the sacramental and
      pastoral one, while the social one is a concrete expression enriching
      the first. We must never separate the philanthropic aspect from the
      Liturgy in the Orthodox Church, but neither the Liturgy is complete
      without charity because the source of grace, power and merciful love is
      the Divine Liturgy, not one willing to show off selfishly. We cannot
      have the merciful love of Christ unless He gives it to us. Therefore,
      the love that is not selfish, proud, conceited cannot be found in this
      world, but only with Christ. So, the social work is a manifestation of
      the merciful love of Christ who works through us. It is only in this way
      that we feel that we are the mysterious Body of Christ and the hands of
      His merciful love. Jesus Christ, our Lord, first preached the Gospel of
      the Kingdom of God to the crowds of people, namely the Gospel of the
      merciful love and of the eternal love, then He healed the sick, and only
      in the evening He made a wonder multiplying the bread and fish. We must
      follow this order of the work of the Lord. First of all it is the Gospel
      of the Kingdom of God which means the proclamation of the Gospel within
      the holy service of the Church and of the Holy Sacraments, then the care
      for those in distress, and certainly helping the hungry ones”.

      His Beatitude has also pointed out the importance of educating the
      children in the Christian spirit: “We must teach our children to be
      sensible to sufferance and merciful, and see the reality around from a
      Christian point of view. Thus, they will be joy both for the Church and
      for society. So, there is education through the social programmes. We
      must never forget the educational aspect of the social-philanthropic
      work and neither the social – philanthropic aspect of a good education.
      It is a great charitable work to be able to help the young human to be
      formed in the Spirit of Christ”.

      To end with, all those present received presents on behalf of His
      Beatitude Patriarch Daniel.