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17512Church must not get involved in politics - poll

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    Feb 11, 2013
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      11 February 2013, 10:12
      Church must not get involved in politics - poll

      Moscow, February 11, Interfax - Some 51% of the respondents polled by
      the Public Opinion Foundation say the clergy's involvement in politics
      is impermissible.

      The opinion was mostly expressed by Muscovites (65%), St. Petersburg
      residents (56%), people with a monthly income higher than 20,000 rubles
      and managers (58%).

      A quarter of Russians believe that clerics may speak up on political
      subjects but should take no part in politics. The majority of such
      respondents are St. Petersburg residents (30%), people ages 18 to 30,
      specialists and people with a higher education (27%).

      Eleven percent welcome the church's engagement in the political life of
      the country. They do not mind if clerics become deputies, mayors or

      These people have monthly incomes less than 4,000 rubles, villagers and
      the unemployed (14%). Six percent of Muscovites and St. Petersburg
      residents approved of the political activity of the church.

      Twelve percent of Russians are hesitant about the church's role in politics.