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17499Coptic pope criticizes Islamist influence on Egypt’s constitution

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
    Feb 7 6:04 PM
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      Coptic pope criticizes Islamist influence on Egypt’s constitution

      The head of the Coptic Orthodox Church has criticized Egypt’s new
      constitution, which declares that “principles of Islamic Sharia are the
      principal source of legislation.”
      “The constitution, the base for all laws, must be under the umbrella of
      citizenship and not a religious one," Pope Theodoros (Tawadros) II of Alexandria
      said in an interview with the Associated Press.
      “Subsequently, some clauses were
      distorted by a religious slant and that in itself is discrimination because the
      constitution is supposed to unite and not divide.”
      “Maybe the constitution will change with the next parliamentary and
      presidential elections,” he continued. “Or maybe it will temporarily stay
      unchanged and be amended later.”
      “We must and will actively take part in any national dialogue in which we see
      a benefit for the nation,” he added. “But when we find that a dialogue ends
      before it starts and none of its results are implemented then we realize that it
      is not in the interest of the nation.” 

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