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17492Syrian Orthodox Church and Christian School Destroyed in Mesopotamia

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  • John Brian
    Feb 7, 2013
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      Syrian Orthodox Church and Christian School Destroyed in Mesopotamia

      Metropolitan Archbishop Eustathius Matta Roham Says Country Will Be Left in

      Deir Ezzor, February 01, 2013 (Zenit.org <http://www.zenit.org/> ). |

      A Syrian Orthodox Church located in a town in Mesopotamia was destroyed
      several days ago. St. Mary's Church and the Christian school of Al-Wahda in
      Deir Ezzor was located in the center of fighting that has caused the mass
      exodus of the civilian population.

      In a report by Fides News Agency, Metropolitan Archbishop Eustathius Matta
      Roham of Jazirah and Euphrates stated that "it is avery sad day for me and
      for the whole community."

      The two buildings were hit and destroyed in the crossfire between the army
      and rebel groups. Local sources have reported to Fides that Mesopotamia is
      experiencing a "slow death" and that the entire civilian populations, which
      include Arabs, Christians, Kurds are paying a very high price.

      "This fierce war is above all a war against our civilization. It is a
      conflict where everyone loses, in the destruction of our beloved country. If
      the rebels or the regime think they can win, in the end, I think we will
      only have a country in ruins, with thousands of orphans, widows, poor people
      and especially destabilized by enmity in society," Archbishop Matta Roham

      The Metropolitan Archbishop also addressed those fighting in the conflict.
      "Who will rebuild all that we have built over decades of hard work? And how
      long will it take? Who will build deteriorated social relations? We ask for
      the prayers of all Christians in the world, in order to regain peace in
      Syria," the Archbishop said.

      (February 01, 2013) C Innovative Media Inc.

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