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17469Religious radicals will suffer a a fiasco - Putin

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    Feb 2, 2013

      30 January 2013, 13:12
      Religious radicals will suffer a a fiasco - Putin

      Moscow, January 30, Interfax - Radicals have become active in various
      religions, which means inter-ethnic and inter-religious accord needs to
      be strengthened, Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

      "Inter-ethnic harmony must be sustained permanently. Events of the
      recent years displayed intensified activity of various kinds of radicals
      in various religions. You know about murders and attempted murders of
      Islamic clerics. Actually, a terrorist war is being waged against
      followers of traditional Islam. Bold attempts are being made to
      intimidate them and to deny them the right to speak to believers. False
      truths that have nothing to do with traditional Islam are being pushed
      on people," Putin said at a meeting with presidential representatives to
      federal districts.

      "Speaking of intimidation, I am positive that persons taking these
      attempts will suffer a failure, a fiasco because clerics not just do
      their job, they serve the Almighty, they serve the Lord, they serve
      people. It is impossible to intimidate them. Yet they obviously need our
      support and assistance. And this support and assistance must be
      efficient," the president stressed.