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17457+ Kirill Awards Leader of "Political Ortodoxy"

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
    Jan 31, 2013


      Patriarch Kirill Awards Leader of "Political Orthodoxy" Condemned by Synod of UOC-MP
      31 January 2013

      Patriarch Kirill of Moscow awarded with a Patriarchal letter the leader of the Orthodox Brotherhood of Oleksandr Nevskyi and the Orthodox Choice organization, Yurii Yegorov who is known in Ukraine not only as an adherent of excommunicated Valentyn Lukianyk (and previously, Valerii Kaurov) but also as a person criticizing the “ecumenical” and “modernist” policy of Patriarch Kirill himself. So reported Religion in Ukraine.

      The award was presented on 30 December, 2012, at a meeting of Orthodox community in Kyiv with the participation of 80 Orthodox activists who traditionally represent the “political Orthodoxy,” an internal Church opposition which has resisted the “orange policy” of the leadership of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate (UOC-MP) in
      the recent years.

      According to the Russians in Ukraine web site, before the beginning of the meeting, the supporter of Yurii Yegorov, Head of the “Union of Free Cossacks,” Oleksii Selivanov presented the award to Y. Yegorov on the instruction of Patriarch Kirill. According to the address, the letter was presented for “contribution in the work of strengthening the traditional spiritual and cultural values of the peoples of Russia and Ukraine.”

      At the same time, the activity of Yegorov in the recent years was criticised by the Synod of UOC-MP as destructive and harmful for the Orthodox Church.

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