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17417Kazakh Orthodox blasts Jesus cartoon in Internet publication

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    Jan 23, 2013

      23 January 2013, 17:19
      Kazakh Orthodox blasts Jesus cartoon in Internet publication

      Alma-Ata, January 23, Interfax - Bishop Gennady, manager of the Russian
      Orthodox Church in Kazakhstan, believes the Jesus cartoon published in
      the Internet newspaper Megapolis is unacceptable because it is aimed
      against religious peace and accord.

      "This article and this cartoon drew a colossal response in the Orthodox
      public. […] Of course, our position is that such articles and cartoons
      are unacceptable in respected publications," the bishop told a press
      conference at the Interfax on Wednesday.

      The article, which dealt with the Christmas celebrations at Holy
      Assumption Cathedral in Astana, was published on the Megapolis website
      on January 14. According to the material, officials from the local
      administration came to the church to congratulate believers on Christmas.

      "The officials were two women who walked by the people who were in the
      church and stood on the ambo, where priests normally conduct their
      services," the article, which was illustrated by the cartoon, says.

      "This article and this cartoon are especially aimed against religious
      peace and accord, and they destroy these values […] The cartoon is
      totally unacceptable, this cartoon cannot be justified with any liberal
      values," Bishop Gennady said.

      Bishop Gennady said Astana Deputy Mayor Aida Balayeva, who came to the
      church that day, did not stand on the ambo.

      "There were absolutely no violations of the church's rules," the bishop
      said, adding that he believes the authors of the article "have little
      knowledge of the church's rules."

      Bishop Gennady also said the Russian Orthodox Church has no intention of
      filing any lawsuits against the paper, adding that he hopes the
      materials in question will be removed from the Megapolis website.