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17370about "Starring" in Kodiak AK

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
    Jan 12, 2013
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      I know you won’t receive this until tomorrow...time difference, but just
      wanted to let you know how the Starring went at my house.

      Typically, we have what we call the ‘South Side Ladies’...from the south
      side of the island, Akhiok/Old Harbor.  They sing in dirges, and in
      caroling, it can be rather vexing.  Not our style, but always happy to have
      them as they enjoy doing it.

      Well, I had the table all ready, and I was braced.  Car after car
      after car arrived, and so many carolers.  The house was packed!  And
      the singing was wonderful.  Yupik songs, Aleut songs, Russian carols,
      American carols, you would have enjoyed, I’m sure.  Then after singing the
      Lords Prayer, and ‘God Grant’ for the house hold, Priest blessed the food, and
      soon everyone had a plate, and little songs broke out here and there...it was so
      cozy.  The weather cooperated, and no snow or ice to spoil it all...a good
      year it was. 

      So tired next day (did everything with only one arm, as the arm that had
      surgery can’t do much yet), didn’t even do dishes.  But did think of you and how you would have liked to ‘star’ once
      more.  I know my cuz in Sacramento sure misses it.  I suggested why
      doesn’t she start the tradition down there?  But most would probably balk
      because of the distances to drive from home to home.

      Take care, and enjoy the season of Christ’s Birth...

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