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17367Romanian Patriarchate refused funeral service for famous actor-direcor because he wanted to be cremated

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
    Jan 9, 2013

      Romanian Patriarchate refused funeral for famous actor and director because he wanted to be cremated

       Source: Sedmitsa.Ru

       BUCHAREST. Clerics of the Romanian Orthodox Church refused to perform a funeral for the deceased famous Romanian film director and social activist Sergiu Nicolaescu because of his desire to be cremated.
      On January 3,2013 relatives of the deceased, 83,  Nicolaescu asked the clergy to perform his funeral, reports VIA.
      The clergy tried to persuade the family to bury the deceased, "as a Christian," but they wanted to arry out the will of the deceased to be cremated.  As a result, the priests refused to perform funeral service.
      The case received wide publicity in the Romanian media because of the popularity of the deceased, who was one of the brightest stars of the Romanian cinema, was actively involved in the overthrow of the Ceausescu regime, had been a member of the Romanian Parliament. The Romanian Patriarchate isseued ​​a special statement on the subject, in which it stated that it appreciates the creativity of Sergiu Nicolaescu, but because, while still alive,  he expressed a desire to be cremated, the Church can not  have a Christian burial service for him.

      Cremation, according to the statement, has been contrary to church practice since the early days of Christianity. The Romanian Patriarchate several times expressed its position on the possibility of cremation in writing -- in 1928, 1933 and in July 2012.  A Christian funeral service for the deceased may be permitted by the bishop only in cases where the body of the deceased is cremated at the request of his family, but not by his own will,  expressed while he was alive.

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