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17344Kuraev proposed combining Christmas & New Year

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
    Jan 2, 2013
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      Kuraev proposed combining Christmas and New Year

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       Professor of the Moscow Theological Academy, Archdeacon Andrei Kuraev proposed moving the celebration of Orthodox Christmas from the 7th to the 1st of January. He said this on the radio station "Echo of Moscow" on January 2, reports "Interfax" .

       According to Kuraev, celebrating Christmas and New Year should be merged, because the "common era" "is calculated from Christmas." He called the existing procedure "illogical" and "a little strange."
      In addition, Kuraev said that at the moment in Russia, "the main energy" is expended for celebrating the New Year, and at Christmas it "little [energy] is left over." If the holidays are merged, in his opinion, each holiday "will be one's own, each adding according to his taste."  "I hope that in time, our church will have the courage to adopt radical solutions," - he said.
      Kuraev also noted that in Moscow "the tradition of the Church welcoming the New Year." is being born.
      In his opinion, this is due to "heavy thoughts," which occur to the elderly, who have to meet the New Year alone and can not sleep, because of the "noise making."
      Recall that on October 31, Patriarch Kirill urged priests to be more restrained in public comments. "Our clergy's bad jokes are remembered: you make a joke, foolishly blurting something out, and then the entire Internet two or three months buzzes about these jokes - he said -"We are not clowns."
      Earlier in the spring of 2012 the Russian Orthodox Church criticized Kuraev's statement suggesting that the Pussy Riot participants should be fed pancakes in honor of Maslenitsa, and be invited to go to the rite of forgiveness --  while the church demanded to punish the girls for their performance in the temple.

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