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17335[Russian] State to allocate cemetery plots for orphans

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
    Dec 29, 2012



      State to allocate cemetery plots for orphans
      by Evgeniya Chaykovskayaat
      29/12/2012 12:07

      Head of Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill agreed that the state would
      allocate land for burying orphans, he announced in his report on Friday.
      The half a hectare of space will be allocated at Alabushevskoye Cemetery, one
      of Moscow’s new burial sites.
      The patriarch said at the moment all the details were being formalized.
      The patriarch announced it on the same day Russian President Vladimir Putin
      signed a law banning US citizens from adopting Russian orphans. As an
      alternative, the country plans to subsidize adoptive parents from Russia.
      Media war against the Church
      Kirill also said that “in today’s information environment any news associated
      with the Church is seen as if through a magnifying glass.”
      “Any unworthy act of a person connected to the Church causes a storm of
      negative articles,” he said, adding that “a number of media uses false,
      deliberately false information.”
      “What is going on in media space now regarding the Church can be qualified as
      an information war. So we as members of the Church are called on to be an
      example for the non-believers and not strong followers.”
      Choose a car wisely
      With this in mind, he called on clerics to not violate traffic rules and
      practice “wise self-restraint” when choosing a car, RIA Novosti reported.
      “Today, the level of production of some cars is such that there is a minimal
      difference in comfort between more and less prestigious cars,” Kirill said. “So
      let us think about using such vehicles that cannot become a cause to discredit
      the clergy.”
      The patriarch stressed that he used state cars and could not use any
      This year there have been several scandals when clergy in expensive cars
      caused accidents on the road, some of them were drunk behind the

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