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17157EP Names Condition for Uniication of Ukrainian Churches in Local Church

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
    Nov 19, 2012


      Ecumenical Patriarch Names Condition For Unification of Ukrainian Churches
      in Local Church
      19 November
      2012, 11:24
      During a one-hour meeting between Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople
      and the Director of Cultural and Ethnic-political Studies of the Inter-regional
      Academy of HR Management, a literary critic Vasyl Yaremenko in Istanbul, the
      participants discussed unification of Ukrainian Churches.
      The meeting was held on occasion of the publication of the Lutsk Gospel, a
      unique monument of the time of the Kyivan Rus, when Byzantium was our spiritual
      center and Constantinople was viewed as the ideological capital. Therefore, the
      Lutsk Gospel is an evidence of the direct connection with the Byzantine
      Patriarchate, the Mother Church of the Ukrainian Church.
      The literary critic told umoloda.kiev.ua about the meeting. According to him, the main subject was the building of the
      Church in Ukraine.
      “I said: during your visit to Ukraine in 2009 you said that that you will
      pray that God should grant Ukraine the independent local Church. How are the
      “talks” with God going in this regard and are your prayers heard and what should
      we expect in the near future? This question is very urgent in Ukraine and the
      part of the Ukrainian intelligetcia represented by me is especially interested
      in it. He smiled and said that the talks are going on. And that prayers are
      being said. The patriarch said that he firmly believes that the Ukrainian
      Churches will unite and Ukraine will have its one local Church in the nearest
      future (meaning the nearest years). He said they could unite a long time ago but
      there was no application submitted with regard to granting the Church the status
      of a local one. Joint actions of the Church hierarchs and the President as the
      head of the state are necessary for that. Upon such an application from Ukraine,
      the question will be considered by the Synod. But we received no requests from
      anyone, he stressed. We do hear the voice from below, from the believers like
      yours now. But no official application has been submitted,” reads the
      Vasyl Yaremenko learnt from the patriarch’s entourage that an ecumenical
      Orthodox council has been prepared for decades. “10 questions will be submitted
      for its consideration according to the consensus. 8 of them have been agreed
      upon and two remain open. They concern pentarchy, that is government of the
      Orthodox world by five patriarchs.”
      In the interview, V. Yaremenko said that when Alexis stated that Ukraine is a
      Moscow’s canonical territory and Kirill repeated it, four Patriarchs publicly
      stated that it is not a canonical territory of the Russian Church according to
      the Canons. The Kyivan Metropolitanate accepted Christianity from Byzantine, and
      later, when Moscow was granted the patriarchate, the question of a transfer of
      the jurisdiction was never raised. Therefore, Ukraine is a canonical territory
      of the Patriarchate of Constantinople.
      The scholar stressed that he understood from the conversation with Patriarch
      Bartholomew I that political will of the state’s leaders is needed. Without it
      we will never have our own unified Church

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