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  • Bill Samsonoff
    Nov 14, 2012

      Patriarchal Messages

      The ancient Patriarchate of Alexandria and All Africa is
      dynamically entering the third millennium of its historical course. A
      course that started with its Enlightener, the Apostle and Evangelist
      Mark and continues ceaselessly till today maintaining unadulterated the
      Apostolic trust, sacred tradition unchanged and keeping the integrity of
      the sacrificial spirit of the sacred figures that graced this
      Patriarchal Throne. This historic course is testified to by the wealth
      of its spiritual heritage, which recorded and guided the course and the
      Theological teaching of the One Undivided Church from its first days of
      its earthly manifestation.

      Bearing this testimony through the ages it is with great joy that
      we welcome you to the completely renovated official website of our
      ancient Patriarchate which is a major intervention in the Orthodox
      presence on the internet, which also informs every interested visitor to
      cyberspace about the ongoing pastoral, missionary and humanistic efforts
      of the Second Throne Church of Orthodoxy in Africa, the continent of the

      Having full knowledge of the global power of internet, we hope
      that your visit to our website will offer you the possibility of getting
      to know the contemporary sacrificial ministry to our fellow humans who
      are suffering but also those who seek the Truth in the tormented but
      always beautiful and spiritual vast fertile African land.

      T H E D O R O S II
      Pope and Patriarch of Alexandria and all Africa

      Posted 25/10/2012