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17125Israel will do everything for Orthodox believers - Peres

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    Nov 12, 2012

      12 November 2012, 10:35
      Israel will do everything for Orthodox believers - Peres

      Jerusalem, November 12, Interfax - Israeli President Shimon Peres said
      he will always remember Russia's exceptional role in the victory over

      "I will never forget that Russia together with the allies emerged
      victorious from World War II, paying the dearest price for the victory -
      the lives of 30 million citizens who dealt the strongest blow on Nazi
      Germany and saved the world from a disaster," Peres told Patriarch
      Kirill of Moscow and All Russia on Sunday.

      "Therefore, the Red Army deserves the highest praise and honor. That war
      demonstrated vivid cooperation between the United States, Europe and
      Russia. Russia indeed saved the world from total annihilation. We will
      never forget that Russia saved our people, putting an end to gas
      chambers and crematoriums," Peres said.

      One third of the Jewish people perished in World War II, he said. About
      half a million Jews served in the Red Army and about 250,000 of them
      were killed in battles and 160,000 got high military awards and ranks,
      he said.

      Israel profoundly respects the Russian Orthodox Church and other
      religions, he also said.

      "We want to guarantee the safety of this religion, so Orthodox believers
      could pray according to their canons and rules. We will do everything we
      can for that and for ensuring their physical and spiritual peace," he said.

      The Russian Patriarch said that Russian-Israeli relations have reached
      "the highest point in the Israeli state's history, which is largely due
      to political change observed in the late 20th century."

      No other non-Slavic country has so many people speaking the Russian
      language, he said. Following the "wise decision" to scrap visas between
      Russia and Israel, the number of Russian pilgrims has reached hundreds
      of thousands, Patriarch Kirill said.