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17013Russian Orthodox suggests opening sambo classes in churches

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    Oct 11, 2012

      11 October 2012, 17:38
      Initiator of Orthodox militia suggests opening sambo classes in churches

      Moscow, October 11, Interfax - Ivan Otrakovsky, the head of the Orthodox
      movement Svyataya Rus (Holy Rus), has suggested organizing sambo classes
      in churches to prepare believers to defend holy places.

      "We propose to open sambo classes in every church," Otrakovsky said in a
      statement obtained in Interfax-Religion on Thursday.

      Otrakovsky previously initiated the creation of voluntary Orthodox
      militia in Moscow and the Moscow region.

      Otrakovsky's statement is a response to the media criticism of Hegumen
      Sergy (Rybko), father superior of several churches in Moscow, who issued
      instructions to parishioners of his church at Lazarevskoye Cemetery on
      how to prevent blasphemy.

      "Due to the recent attacks on churches and the desecration of Orthodox
      holy places, I am asking you to pay attention to suspicious visitors.
      Take immediate measures if they have intentions to become rowdy, steal
      icons or holy relics, and especially attempt to enter the pulpit or the
      altar," the priest said in an announcement posted at the entrance to the
      church, according to the Orthodox newspaper Krestovsky Most.

      The priest calls on people to loudly call for help, seek the assistance
      of security guards, and stop such people. "I give my blessing for the
      use of physical force," the hegumen said.