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17006Greek Archimandrite nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
    Oct 8 2:19 PM
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      Minimally edited macine translation. 

      Greek Archimandrite nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize
       08.10.2012 12:39
       Source: Sedmitsa.Ru
      ATHENS. According to the agency, "Romfea" and orthodox French site "Orthodoxie",  Greek Archimandrite Gervase Ioannis (Raptopulos) was nominated, along with others for the Nobel Peace Prize which is to be awarded in the near future.
      Dubbed the "saint of  prisoners" Father Gervase  led a life of sacrificial living to help the poor and imprisoned.  During the 35 years of his service he helped liberate more than 15,000 prisoners. The Archimandrite helped those in bondage with the assistance of te Brotherhood of St. Xenia, which he founded specifically for this purpose.
      Recently Father Gervase was literally able to transform the soul of a major criminal from Greece, who was serving a sentence in Romania: after Fr. Gervase visited and held discussions with him, the recidivist asked to go to Mount Athos to become a monk there. At the present time, while still being in prison, he is already living a monastic life and observing various religious holidays.

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