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  • The Orthodox Bookstore
    Sep 25, 2012
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      The Orthodox Bookstore is pleased to announce that we now distribute select
      items for Holy Assumption Monastery, which publishes Mother Melania’s children’s

      Mother Melania is the author of the children’s “Twelve Great Feasts” and the Old
      Testament series which includes: “Baby Moses,” “Moses' Flight from Egypt,”
      “Jonah's Journey to the Deep,” and “Noah and the Ark of Salvation”. In
      conjunction with Mother Melania, we are pleased to announce a new series called
      the “Good Neighbors Series”.

      The Orthodox Bookstore is distributing the “Good Neighbors Series”. Good
      Neighbors is a series of whimsical animal stories, about a community of animals
      living near the “Duck Pond”. These books are intended to teach core values and
      the character traits of 'good neighbors.' Currently, three titles from this
      series are available, and God willing more will be released. Each title is 32
      pages, and retails for $7.

      To bring in the Ecclesiastical New Year, and the start of the school year, we
      would like to offer each Good Neighbor title at $6 or $15 for the set.

      Churches, schools, and other resellers, please contact us for volume pricing
      information of up to 40% off retail for all Mother Melania titles. This is an
      excellent offering for Sunday School and Home Schoolers.

      Additionally, for those that are operating schools, we are more than happy to
      help your school make this series along with other titles available as a

      This sale is good for our retail customers through Saturday October 06, 2012.

      Please be aware, that the proceeds from the Good Neighbor books help support
      Mother Melania’s monastery (Holy Assumption Monastery in Callistoga, CA), and
      her mother monastery (Saint Barbara Monastery in Santa Paula, CA).

      Feel free to contact us for more information.

      In Christ,
      Mark Sedrak
      The Orthodox Bookstore

      PS. For those that are interested, we are in the process of developing a new
      website. We currently have a very small offering on this website, and this
      promotion is part of the offering. Please beware that we still have quite a bit
      of work before we officially launch, but we would love to get your feedback. If
      you decide to visit this site, and have any problems, please contact us directly
      so we can help resolve any issues or concerns that may arise.


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