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16953"Bulletin of Persecution"

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
    Sep 18, 2012

      Political Islam website published "Bulletin of Persecution" for August
       18.09.2012 15:58
       Source: Anna Kovaleva - especially for Sedmitsa.Ru
      NEW YORK. The website of Political Islam published its "Bulletin of the persecution of Christians." The report, published monthly since 2009, covers situations of violence and discrimination against Christians by Islamic extremists and radical Muslims.
      Newsletter for the last period, from July 30 to August 31, 28 includes a brief description of extreme events in chronological order by country.
      Among the most difficult events: the Dahshur fights in Egypt after the death of a Muslim in the hospital, which resulted in the flight of 120 Coptic families in early August; the shooting by gunmen in Nigeria of 19 Christians during church services, killing a family of Armenian Christians in Damascus, etc.

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