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16523Over 50,000 Christians fled Syria

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  • Nina Tkachuk Dimas
    May 31, 2012

      Over 50,000 Christians fled Syria due to Islamic violence
      31.05.2012 16:28
      Source: Sedmitsa.Ru
      DAMASCUS. Syrian Christians from the city of Homs and the surrounding area, fearing that their fate will be analogous to that suffered by the victims of the Hula massacre, fled to Lebanon, CWN reported with reference to the news agency Fides.
      Even if they do not have any political position in the civil war taking place in Syria, and did not take sides, Christians are usually perceived as the opponents, as persons loyal to the Assad regime . For this reason, they often become victims of kidnappings and killings in response to the measures taken by the Assad regime.
      More than 50,000 Christians have fled Syria going to Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Turkey, while others still remain in Syria taking refuge in the Jesuit Refugee Center in Aleppo.

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