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16399Russian Church Prepared to Send Monk Envoys to Kosovo

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    Apr 30, 2012

      Russian Church Prepared to Send Monk Envoys to Kosovo
      Diplomacy | April 29, 2012, Sunday

      The Russian Church is ready to send monks as envoys to help Christians
      in Kosovo, said Russian Church external relations chair, metropolitan
      bishon Hilarion.

      Bishop Hilarion is part of a large Russian church delegation, headed by
      Patriarch Kirill, which is in in Bulgaria since Friday.

      "We support this idea and like we have said before, we are ready ot send
      monks to Kosovo," said the Russian Church foreign affairs head in an
      interview for the Bulgarian National Radio Sunday.

      "In case we do that, we are oblidged to act in the interest of the
      Serbian Orthodox Church," stressed Russian metropolitan Hilarion.

      "The situation in Kosovo is quite complicated, and this includes
      monasteries located in the territory populated by a majority of ethnic
      Albanians, who are hostile not only to Serbia and to Serbs, but also to
      their religion," explained he.

      Bishop Hilarion said that monasteries in Kosovo are vexed with problems
      relating to security, preserving the monastic life, and preserving the
      cultural heritage.

      He stressed that the Russian Orthodox Church will co-operate with its
      Serbian counterparts to help them in that complicated situation.