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15369Bulgarian Orthodox Church Calls for Peace, Justice Amid Ethnic Unrest

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    Oct 2, 2011
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      Bulgarian Orthodox Church Calls for Peace, Justice Amid Ethnic Unrest


      Plovdiv metropolitan bishop Nikolay is holding a service Sunday in the
      village of Katunitsa near Plovdiv, the site that has sparked a week of
      ethnic unrest in Bulgaria.

      In the solemn mass which commemorates the victims of the violence,
      bishop Nikolay has also read out an address of the Bulgarian Orthodox
      Church to the nation.

      Simmering tensions escalated last Saturday after a 19-year-old ethnic
      Bulgarian resident of Katunitsa was run down an killed by a van driven
      by Roma.

      This led to a string of protests across the country, some of them
      violent and carrying racist overtones.

      “The Bulgarian people is wise and should not let tensions escalate to
      hatred, something that the Bulgarian Orthodox Church will make all
      efforts to assist,” reads the position of the clerics.

      “At the same time, the scale of the events is a manifestation of an
      immense accumulation of regrettable anger and hatred. This happens every
      time that God’s desire for justice on earth is being neglected,” stated
      bishop Nikolay.

      The Orthodox Church strongly calls for the reinstatement of what it sees
      as the two foundational principles of society – justice and solidarity –
      and states that their deficiency in Bulgaria can lead to a total erosion
      of life in the country.