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14384Bishop of UOC-MP Called Journalists Insane

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  • petro_melnyk
    Jan 6, 2011
      Bishop of UOC-MP Called Journalists Insane
      The superior of the Kyiv Cave Monastery, Bishop Pavel (Lebid), expressed his indignation at inquiries of journalists as to what car the head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church-Moscow Patriarchate drives.

      The bishop called the journalists, who took pictures of Metropolitan Volodymyr's car and showed it as an "achievement," insane. He stressed that mass media should have been more interested to know why Ukraine cannot produce good cars.

      "When journalists begin to use cameras of the 20th century, I will exchange a Mercedes for a 1946 Moskvich. Why have you not developed to the level of the German mind to be able to produce a normal Ukrainian car capable of functioning? Shame on them, not on us. But they do not cover that subject extensively for some reason. And all the slander against the church is so banal," noted Bishop Pavel in an interview published by the press service of the Kyivan Cave Monastery.

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