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  • Timothy Farrell
    Feb 24, 2009
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      Dear Friends of Saint Philothea and her poor children.
      Greetings in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.
      The beginning of the Great Fast is almost upon us. Our idle talk is
      about food and what we will miss during the fast.
      As you embark on this journey consider adding compassion on the poor,
      to your abstinence from rich food. Let good works repair the damage
      done by degradation of sin.
      Saint Philothea of Arges loved the church. She loved God who has
      compassion on the poor. She co-labored by sharing bread with the poor
      children. Now, she co-labors with God to provide for the people of
      Consider her example. At the age of twelve was crowned with
      martyrdom while helping the poor. God revealed her holiness in
      allowing her to choose the place her remains would repose. In the
      past 700 years her body has not decayed. Today, she see a continuos
      stream of people in Curtea de Arges, Romania. Her intercessions
      have brought rain and strengthen bodies and souls of the people who
      seek her assistance.

      Please consider Saint Philothea Project - Missions and Monasteries
      2009 as a steward of your gift to the poor.

      April 20 we will begin distributing your gifts to orphans and other
      poor. Father Nicolae Tanase and the 500 unaborted children scatter
      in families always welcome our material assistance. Bishop Andrei in
      Albal Iulia always appreciates our visit to his many (over 12)
      orphanages. Saint Philothea Project visits each orphanage to observe
      the loving care being giving to the children. During this initial
      visit we get a list of immediate needs at each house. Saint
      Philothea Project's ability to meet the need of these children we
      will see is dependent upon the generosity of the Orthodox People of

      Please send your gift to

      Saint Philothea Project
      2004 E. Whitmer St.
      Decatur Il 62521

      At this date we have a mere $900 to assist nearly 1000 orphans in

      God be with you and Peace All Ways
      Pilgrim Tim
      An Unprofitable Servant
      Saint Philothea Project
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