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10065Bulgaria Church Cannot Sell, Mortgage, Exchange Own Property

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  • Bill Samsonoff
    Oct 8, 2008

      Bulgaria Church Cannot Sell, Mortgage, Exchange Own Property

      8 October 2008, Wednesday

      The Sixth Church Convention has made the decision that the Bulgarian
      Church cannot sell, mortgage or exchange church properties as stated
      before Darik radio by the Holy Synod spokesperson Archpriest Angel Angelov.

      Angelov further said that the Convention has also approved the
      proposal that the Church begins to regularly provide the salaries of
      all priests, according to the established budget, adding that several
      eparchies have consistently being late in paying the salaries.

      Wednesday is the third day of the Sixth National Church Convention
      held in the Rila Monastery for the second time this year. The firs
      session took place in May 2008. Bulgarian Patriarch Maxim, bishops of
      the Bulgarian Orthodox church and 120 delegates are taking part in
      the Convention.

      The main topic of discussion is the new code determining the rights
      of the Holy Synod, including the right bestowed only on bishops to
      prepare the Holy oil, the right to canonize saints, and the Church
      candle, which is to bear the symbol of the respective church and can
      be made only in a facility holding a license issued by the Holy Synod.

      Angelov further said that the Convention's agenda was quite extensive
      and the delegates were taking their time in order to create a
      contemporary and lasting Church code.

      "The most important is the purity of the Faith and of the Orthodox
      teaching, the Service's rightness and authenticity," the Archpriest concluded.