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Invitation to Join The Way of a Pilgrim Book Club

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  • Fr. Panagiotes Carras
    For many of us, whether cradle Orthodox or converts, our introduction to a conscious spiritual life took the form of reading a little book called The Way of a
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      For many of us, whether cradle Orthodox or converts, our introduction to a conscious spiritual life took the form of reading a little book called The Way of a Pilgrim.

      This charming spiritual travelogue by an anonymous Russian layman plunges the delighted reader into the middle of 19th century Orthodox Russian culture, narrating the author’s experiences during his pilgrimage over vast portions of the Russian land, ranging from learning the unceasing Prayer of Jesus to being healed from paralysis by folk medicine to getting beat up by robbers on the road. Through all of it, both at the high and the low points, the lovable author – whom the reader soon regards as an old friend - learns virtue and gains spiritual insights that he passes on to the reader simply and powerfully, in a few words.

      Isolated as most of us are in very non-Orthodox environments, reading and talking about this book together will refresh us, delight us, and strengthen the spiritual bond we have with fellow faithful pilgrims on the road of life. Providentially, the marvel of Internet communication can bring us together from around North America – or the world, for that matter – to strengthen one another in the Faith and a faithful life, by sharing this marvelous little book. What could be a better use of our free time during Lent?

      Please join Fr. John Somers and Andrew Curtis of the Holy Three Hierarchs Institute, as we read and discuss The Way of a Pilgrim for one month, beginning March 11. If you’ve never taken a class or joined a forum on the Internet before, don’t worry, it really is easy. Here’s how it works.

      1. Call or email Andrew at 1-708-571-4880 or threehierarchsstaff@... and join up. The fee is $50.00 and payable via PayPal or check.

      2. Andrew will provide you with a user name and a password to get into the Way of a Pilgrim group on Populi, the online program we use to run our classes and discussions. If you have any trouble figuring out what to do, call or email Andrew and hound him mercilessly, until he puts you at ease. It won’t take long.

      3. You read the portions of The Way of a Pilgrim that Fr. John assigns, and then sign onto the Populi site to read what others are saying and join in the discussion. Don’t be afraid to write what’s on your mind, and don’t worry about being a good writer. This is a conversation, not a term paper! Drop in every day to see what’s going on. You will start to like it and want to read what others are saying (or even say something yourself!) on a regular basis.

      4. To help your appreciation of the book, Fr. John and Andrew will provide notes and a reading guide for each week.

      Again, if you have never taken an online course or done online discussion before, don’t worry: This is easy. Ancient - even dinosaur-like - technophobes who have taken our courses can testify that anyone can do it. You will enjoy it!

      Please join us. “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on us!” Amen.

      Go to Orthodoxyinfo.org for a wide variety of articles on the Faith
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