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  • Fr. Panagiotes
    LACKING IN LOVE FOR CHRIST /Oh, how lacking we are in such zeal to defend Truth when it is trampled and insulted./ (Saint Philaret, at the Vespers for the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 22, 2013


      Oh, how lacking we are in such zeal to defend Truth when it is trampled and insulted. (Saint Philaret, at the Vespers for the Feast of Saint Nicholas in 1972). These words were spoken regarding the apostasy of the so-called “orthodox” clergy who take part in Ecumenical gatherings that mock the Faith. Saint Philaret called for a consuming zeal to burn in the hearts of all the Faithful. He warned against indifference when the name of the Lord is blasphemed.

      It is sad to say, but even though the blasphemy that occurs at Ecumenical gatherings has increased significantly, indifference among so-called Christians is increasing at a faster pace. We must not allow ourselves to be overcome by lethargy and lose our zeal for the Faith. Heresy is all around us and if we are not vigilant, it will creep into our hearts and we will relinquish our love for the Saviour.

      We can not say that we are Orthodox and we are immune to abandoning the Truth. Many who once thought this have wandered and followed strange paths. Do we really understand what separates us from the “new-calendarists” who have joined themselves to the Ecumenists?  Whether they know it or not these “new-calendarists” have united themselves to those who blaspheme our Lord.

      These blasphemies include mocking the virgin birth of Christ, the Divine Revelation of the Bible and the sanctity of Holy Communion. A recent event illustrates this blasphemy.

      During the week of January 18 - 25, 2013, various Ecumenist groups celebrated The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. It was decided by these blasphemers that this event should be celebrated in Monte Carlo in conjunction with the celebrations of the 37th International Circus Festival. During the Roman Catholic Mass that was celebrated in the Monte Carlo big top, acrobats, clowns and animals performed as part of the Mass. New Calendar clergy and lay people joined in and contributed to this blasphemy.

      Roman Catholic Circus Mass at Monte Carlo

      Entrance with Orthodox Gospel, acrobats and clowns and New Calendar clergy


      Ringmaster, so-called “orthodox” and “others” take part in the Circus Mass


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