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  • Jeffrey G. Elias Dorrance, CPC
    Dear Father Carras, What Fr. Fraser calls ecumenism , as practised by JP2, goes far beyond what many of use ever dreamed of in our most vivid nightmares. The
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 5, 2000
      Dear Father Carras,
      What Fr. Fraser calls "ecumenism", as practised by JP2, goes far beyond what
      many of use ever dreamed of in our most vivid nightmares. The word
      "ecumenism" was coined about fifty years ago by the World Council of
      Churches as a euphemism for syncretism(means combining, or merging, of
      beliefs). At Assisi, back in 1988 as memory serves, representatives of many
      creeds, both monotheist and polytheist, met for mutual discussions,
      prayer(to whom or what?), support, and comraderie. It was a sharing of
      various rites and views. One might call this pan-syncretism, a type of
      syncretism that envisions the merging of all creeds into one. JP2 would
      combine pan-syncretism with papism so that all creeds will combine under one
      head, the Pope of Old Rome. By participating in the Jubilee Y2K ceremonies
      led by JP2, and by sharing the Kiss of Peace with him, a number of
      "Orthodox" prelates(both old calendarist and new), affirmed the papistical
      pan-syncretism being promoted by JP2. JP2 is not being the least bit
      revolutionary. He is simply following in the footsteps of his predecessors
      all the way back to Boniface VIII. In his bull "Unam Sanctam", Boniface
      said that it was necessary for salvation for every creature on the face of
      the planet to be subject to the Pope of Rome. JP2 is saying, as long as we
      are his subjects, we can believe as we will and we can be hopeful of
      salvation. By kissing his shoulders, "Orthodox" prelates are saying, "Oh
      yes, Your Holiness, on this we agree". These prelates have no right to call
      themselves Orthodox. Their followers have no right to be called Orthodox.
      Anglicans and Protestants, going as they do by the new calendar and the new
      Paschalion, are equally entrapped. All of these people are papistical
      pan-syncretists, pure and simple, and their differences are mere intramural
      Elias Dorrance
      On Mon, 31 Jan 2000 14:17:31 -0500, hocna@egroups.com wrote:

      > Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2000 21:56:44 -0700
      > From: "Fr. Stephen Fraser" <saf@...>
      > Reply-To: Orthodox Christianity <ORTHODOX@...>
      > To: ORTHODOX@...
      > I am afraid Pope John Paul II has very nicely brought the "Orthodox"
      > Hierarchs into *his* Church. I stayed up to watch re-runs of the
      > proclamation of the Jubilee Year (2000) on a Catholic television station
      > here in Phoenix (EWTN). I saw the representatives of the Ecumenical
      > Patriarch; the Russian Patriarch; and the all the other Hierarchs take
      > part in the ecumenical prayer service. To make it even worse, each
      > Hierarch later kissed the pope on the shoulders.
      > On of the ways clergy show respect and submission to the authority of a
      > bishop is to kiss his shoulder. These Hierarchs have in fact shown, by
      > this act, a complete recognition of the Pope as the head of a sister
      > Church. They, by this act, demonstrated they believe the Roman Catholic
      > Church has the grace of the priesthood and therefore valid sacraments.
      > By taking part in the ecumenical service, these Hierarchs have placed
      > themselves outside of the Orthodox faith, as well as all those in
      > communion with them.
      > There is no longer any argument possible as to whether World Orthodoxy
      > is ecumenistic. It is. Since it is ecumenistic, what does this mean?
      > Words like "allegedly," and "so-called," when referring to the ecumenism
      > of World Orthodoxy, are now hollow. There is no longer any place to
      > hide. It is open, blatant, and the line has been drawn.
      > By the way, it was reported that representatives from the following
      > Churches were present:
      > Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople (2); Greek-Orthodox
      > Patriarchate of Alexandria (1); Greek-Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch
      > (3); Greek-Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem (1); Patriarchate of
      > Moscow (1); Patriarchate of Serbia (3); Orthodox Patriarchate of Romania
      > (1); Greek Orthodox Church (1); Polish Orthodox Church (1);
      > Albanian Orthodox Church (2); Finnish Orthodox Church.
      > Let us realize one thing, even though various Protestant and other
      > denominations were also present, the Pope has only one goal in mind,
      > unity with the Orthodox. Baptize the Pope? Chrismate the Pope? Receive
      > the Pope into the Church? Get real. The above Churches have declared his
      > Church to be the Church (one of two lungs in the same body.) The Pope
      > serious? No one could be more serious. Not to recognize that fact is
      > folly.
      > The ecumenical prayer service did accomplish one thing, we now know that
      > a choice has to be made. What will it be: stick our head in the sand and
      > say that all this will go away, or individually (and collectively as the
      > Church) leave the false bishops.
      > Guess what the majority will do?
      > In Christ,
      > Fr. Stephen
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