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A Sermon for the Nativity of Christ By Metropolitan Moses

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  • Fr. Panagiotes Carras
    A Sermon for the Nativity of Christ By Metropolitan Moses 2010   Glory to God in the highest do we hear in Bethlehem of Judea on this day! Angels proclaim
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 8, 2011

      A Sermon for the Nativity of Christ

      By Metropolitan Moses



      Glory to God in the highest do we hear in Bethlehem of Judea on this day! Angels proclaim God’s great wonders and the humble shepherds rich in faith seek out the newborn Savior, Christ the Lord.


      The angels proclaim peace and goodwill towards men. Shall we not seek peace among ourselves?


      As we hear in the gospel appointed for liturgy, things new and old are revealed, for a new star leads the wise men to Jerusalem and they proclaimed the marvel to the King and his court. And when Herod inquired of the teachers in Jerusalem who served him concerning the Christ and where He was to be born, he learned things of old. The new and the old are in agreement and Christ is proclaimed, yet Herod the king is troubled. The word brought to Herod is a divine prophecy from ages past that is coming to pass and not a mere word of a man.


      If Herod did not believe the words of Scripture, then the prophecies brought forth would be mere folly to him and the magi would be considered by him as misguided dupes. Herod believed the prophecy and chose to rebel against the God of Israel and sought to slay the very Christ of God. This spiritually blind, puny man attempted to exalt his throne over the very throne of our Lord and God and Savior Incarnate.


      He sought to slay Christ and as a result the Church was increased by the infant martyrs who we will soon celebrate.

      Christ is Born for us and a New Creation is made manifest and a new way of life is revealed.
      He Who is incomprehensible and uncircumscribable, is has put on flesh. He Who is Timeless, has entered into time. He Who sits upon the highest exalted throne with the Father and the Holy Spirit, bows the heavens and comes down to dwell in a lowly cave. He Who is the King of the angels, now resides with lowly men. He Who possesses the riches of the Godhead, puts on the poverty of our human nature because of His love for man.
      The King of Glory is a small babe for our sakes. The great Mystery of God’s self-sacrificing co-suffering love is revealed.
      Our unproud God walks in our pathways  in order to become one with us. Let us chant and sing for joy. And when you hear the hymns of the Church or the festive carols that are sung and hear our Savior referred to as King, remember the humility of the King of Glory. The King of all Who said, “All ye that are weary and heavy laden and learn of Me for I am meek and lowly and heart. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”
      Let us remember the love of God for us and resolve to never be separated from the humility which is in Christ.
      Christ is Born to make us anew. The God-Man is made manifest in order to make us sons and daughters of the Most High. Our Savior walked on the earth in order to call us to follow him. For us He experienced a humble existence, let us never give ourselves over to the “pride of life.” (1John 2:16) For us He submitted to Baptism by Saint John, that He might fulfill all righteousness. Let us submit to the order of the Church and the Traditions that were established by the Holy Apostles and their successors. Let us seek to live our lives in harmony with the mind of the Church.
      Christ is Born! This is the day which the Lord hath made; let us rejoice and be glad therein. (Psalm 117)
      May the grace and blessings of the Nativity of Christ ever overshadow you and your families and reign in your hearts. Amen.

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