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Don't let them fool you

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  • Fr. Panagiotes Carras
    THOUGHTS FROM A NON-ORTHODOX CANADIAN PARENT Don t let them fool you -- the war against Christmas only appears to be in remission. Attending my child s
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 27, 2008

      Don't let them fool you -- the war against Christmas only appears to be in remission.
      Attending my child's elementary school alleged Christmas concert was a dead tip-off to this subversive con. It's worse than the thin edge of the wedge, given our kids represent the future of all that's good, right and undeniably truthful.

      But there they were, blissfully filing into the gym as if they'd been brainwashed into the subversive secular kinder-hood of season's greetings.

      But my Yuledar was really aroused when I saw what they'd been forced to wear. There they were, adorned in the trappings of forest animals. Not a manger creature among them, not a sheep, donkey, goat nor cow.

      Aside from the obvious snub to the immaculate delivery, everyone but their teachers know it's scientifically impossible for elk and moose to be loitering around Bethlehem.

      Furthermore, those kids had tree-hugger Godlessness draped all over them. Now I don't want you to think I'm just some nattering nabob of nativity, but a sense of victimhood can only expect to be pushed so far before the tinsel flies.

      I don't care if these anti-Christian antics were being perpetrated in a public school.
      Give them that and they'll soon take the Catholics with them. Sure enough, as the proceedings regressed, familiar catchphrases known to rally the jihad against Christmas were heard.

      "Gather around the holiday tree" and "celebrate the season," were uttered as their teachers, so treacherously, looked on in approval. That was almost enough to end peace on earth for me.

      As it was, I'd already noticed in the school foyer books promoting Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism.

      My child's educators didn't have the decency to remove the offending articles ahead of the Christmas concert, but I suppose if it's not really a "Christmas" show, it's par for the course.

      Then it was time for the big hustle, to pull that fake snow over our eyes. Those kids on the stage began peppering their dialogue with the word "Christmas."

      They even blasphemously intoned "merry Christmas everyone."

      For me, it was too late and I wasn't about to be appeased by this shoddy bit of Potemkin piety.

      But one thing was strange: There were plenty of clearly non-Christian types in the audience -- Muslim and Sikh parents who wouldn't wince or recoil at the sound of the blessed C-word.

      They kept smiling and rolling the videocams as if they were getting down with Ramadan or Vaisakhi.

      And a Muslim mom didn't bat an eye when I asked her what her family's doing for "Christmas."

      Another one shot me a bewildered look when I wondered aloud how many non-Christians were in the audience and how an unholy snit hadn't ensued.

      It was as if Christmas transcends religion, and it allowed me to feel victimized anew.
      In a way, it was a relief. The sensation the virgin birth was being co-opted, reduced in that big melting pot of pseudo-Christmas pudding suddenly burned self-righteously.

      We didn't have to worry about this kind of subterfuge when I attended elementary school 35 years ago, when every face was snow white.

      I spoke to U of C religious studies guru Dr. Irving Hexham, who fears if Christmas is quashed, publicly celebrating things like Ramadan are just as doomed.

      So far, I haven't heard of a Ramadan concert at my kid's school, just the alleged Christmas one.

      But I wasn't born in a manger. Like the one against drugs, the war on Christmas'll never be over.

      Thank God

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