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[hocna] [Fwd: Israeli Arrested for trying to Torch Russian Church]

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    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 1999
      Z and ALTR wrote:

      > Israeli arrested for trying to torch Russian Church
      > By Jack Katzenell, Associated Press
      > November 24, 1999
      > JERUSALEM (AP) - An Israeli man was caught early Wednesday as he
      > tried to set fire to a Russian Orthodox church on the shores of the
      > Sea of Galilee, police said.
      > Police said they were treating the incident very seriously in light of
      > upcoming millennium festivities. "We are on the watch for any trouble
      > of this kind from fanatics of any description, whether they are Jews,
      > Christians or others,'' police spokesman Rafi Lavi said.
      > The attempted arson took place at the Church of St. Mary Magdalene in
      > Tiberias.
      > Josef Bar, 33, a Jewish man who recently became religious, told a
      > Tiberias magistrate that he tried to start the fire "for the glory of
      > God,'' Lavi said. Bar was ordered held for nine days to allow police
      > to complete the investigation.
      > Police said it was Bar's second attempt at arson. Last week, he
      > tried to set fire to the church, but the flames died out after
      > causing some damage. In the early hours of Wednesday morning,
      > police saw Bar crossing the church garden with a can of kerosene in
      > his hand. He broke open the doors and poured the kerosene inside the
      > church but was seized by police before he could ignite the fuel.
      > A spokesman for the Russian Orthodox Mission in Jerusalem said the
      > police deserve praise for their prompt action but the church is very
      > worried in the wake of the arson attempts and other incidents.
      > Father Mark Golgokov said that in August, four Muslims smashed
      > windows in the church and beat up some volunteers working there.

      "Mundus vult decipi"
      (the world wants to be deceived)
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