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Our Open-Minnded Society

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  • Fr. Panagiotes Carras
    Here in Toronto our public school teachers are forbidden to even mention the word Christ or Christmas. Schools no longer have any Christmas activities. They
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2006
      Here in Toronto our public school teachers are forbidden to even mention the word Christ or Christmas.  Schools no longer have any Christmas activities.  They are now restricted to Winter Festivals.  All this in an attempt to have an open-minded society.  Children are taught that everyone is entitled to be different.  Speaking against people who live differently than we do can bring a charge of hate crime and the perpetrator can be imprisoned.

      Like-minded advocates of an open-minded society in Holland, recently won a major legal battle.  In July of this year, the political party, PNVD, officially known as the Brotherly love, freedom and diversity Party,  won a court case that allows them to run candidates in this month's elections.   The PNVD's political goal is the following: it should be permissible for adults to have sex with children.  There is nothing wrong with pedophilia or bestiality, the latter of which is legal in the Netherlands, as long as the child or the animal involved, demonstrate consent.   The party would eventually like to see all age of consent laws eliminated.

      This is where North America is headed.  In fact, we have already arrived at the doorstep.  It is a matter of time before one of our courts follows what is happening in Holland.  We as Christians should be aware of the moral breakdown of our schools and society in general and do everything we can to teach our children that this behaviour comes from the Anti-Christ.  We must talk to our children and try to learn what they heard in school from their teacher and classmates.  We must monitor their time in front of the television, the computer and music players.  We must lead our children to understand how these people who do not follow The Law of God  lead us away from our Saviour.

      Most of all!  Bless your children and pray for them that they may be covered and protected by the Grace of God, no matter where they go.

      In Christ,

      +Fr. Panagiotes

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