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A Miracle of St. Philaret the New Confessor

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  • Fr. Panagiotes Carras
    FROM SERBIA My mother is about 80 years old, and out of a small lump on her right hand, she got big wound which started to aches her. There were no medicines
    Message 1 of 1 , May 15, 2006
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      My mother is about 80  years old, and out of a small lump on her right hand,
      she got big wound which  started to aches her. There were no medicines that
      could help, not even  did the doctors know what was the matter  about. She was
      taking antibiotics, getting painkiller medicines, at the end she  got 15
      injections of penicillin too, but nothing helped; the wound was  constantly taking
      progress so  that  even mum was pretty scared.

      Mum is very pious, even in the hardest communist period she studied  theology
      and also lived in a patriarchal Christian family, but it was no way  clear to
      her how it was possible that the whole (Serbian) Church could have  separated
      from God, and that only three or four hundred of usâ€&brkbar; could have stood  in truth (I must admit that this was even strange to me, but unfortunately that  is
      the way it is).

      Since she brought me up in Orthodox spirit and I stayed without job, mum  
      fainancially supported my visits to the Holy Liturgies in   the genuine Orthodox
      monasteries  as well, so  that is how I used  to mention her in my prayers  

      One of  these services took place on the Day of  St. Philaret the Confessor,
      which our gerontas Akakius traditionally celebrate  by devout prayers and the
      Holy Liturgy. As a considerable support, there came  the sisters of New
      Stjenik Monastery from the mountain of Mikulj led by their  abbes, the Reverend
      Mother Euphrosyne. The church was full with people, and the  event is only
      possible to experience, these-earthly words are insufficient to  convey the
      impression, I think that not even the whole world technology would be  able to convey at least a bit of the atmosphere before the Holy  Chalice.

      After the festal Agapes and reading about the life of St. Philaret  
      Vosnesensky, mentioning known acts of miracleworking that took place due to  prayers before the Saint, the Holy unction of St. Philaret or his incorrupt  relics, we set off to our homes sustained by faith and the Grace of God who  celebrated His Saint. By the effort of New Stjenik Monastery sisters, all the  faithfull
      got Akathist to St. Philaret the Confessor, Mitropolitan of New York  and East
      American, the Fierst Hierarch of Russian Church Abroad (the Akathist  was
      written by one of the sisters and they usually pray to the Saint for support  in
      confessing  faith). Besides the  Akathist, by the blessing of father  Akakius,
      monk Joseph filled up for me a bottle of the Holy oil from the  lampion of St.
      Philaret the Confessor.

      Having arrived  home I ascended my prayers to St. Philaret reading the
      Akathist and then  anointing my mother’s wound with the  Holy oil making the sign of a cross, and then enclosing the whole sore place.  The pain momentally ceased, and in the morning the wound reduced twice already,  while the puss started to come out. The condition of my mother before reading  the Akathist was such that during the prayers she could not stand on her legs  and had to sit down.

      With glory and honour to Holy God-pleasing servant Philaret the  Confessor,
      let the Lord  by His  Providence have mercy on all Serbian people and by the
      prayers of St. Philaret  the Confessor let Him bring Serbians back to Christ and
      make bolsheviks ashamed  and throw them into everlasting fire together with
      their master, satan. Glory be  to God on heights by the prayers of  St.
      Philaret the Confessor and all the True Orthodox Christians.  Amen.  

      Milivoje  Miljkovic, Belgrade;      

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