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Fw: Jordan River turned back

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  • Angelo Stavroullakis
    This e-mail is from one of the pilgrims Justin Daniel from this year s pilgrimage. He has been in Jerusalem since we have all left and has captured the
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      This e-mail is from one of the pilgrims Justin Daniel from this year's pilgrimage.  He has been in Jerusalem since we have all left and has captured the stirring of the waters of the Jordan River as it starts to flow the opposite way once it's blessed three times..Read his report below along with the pictures of the his video that he took.  Truly amazing!  From the 1st picture to the last you can notice the change in direction of the ripples in the water.  Read below.
      Evangelos Stavroullakis
      There is such a stir in the international media currently about the miracle that occurs annually on Theophany at the River Jordan.  I'll include the "Interfax" report that I've seen, although it misrepresents some of the facts, as well as, some of my own pictures from that day.  Basically, every year at the service of the Blessing of the Water at the Jordan River on Theophany this miracle occurs, just as it describes in the hymnology for the feast.  The water is stirred, in places it looks like it's bubbling up and in others it actually starts flowing upstream, or is turned back towards it's source, away from the Dead Sea.  We had found a good spot on the banks while we waited for the Patriarch and procession to come down to the waters edge, and we observed the water to be so still it was almost smooth as glass.  After the prayers of blessing and the Patriarch threw the Cross into the water for the third time, the miracle occurred.  It actually lasted the entire time we were there at the water (about an hour), and was still occurring while we were leaving.  It was amazing to witness and the crowd was really moved by the event too.  I was blessed to be able to go in myself and the water was invigorating!  I also recently heard, in the wake of the media hype about the miracle on Theophany, that there is also a miracle that occurs annually on the feast of the Transfiguration on Mount Tabor with a cloud of light that descends toward the end of Liturgy close enough at times to be able to touch.  God willing I might be able to witness that one day!  It is amazing to marvel over these manifestations of God's grace (in addition to the Holy Light & Fire that appears at Pascha!) & merciful encouragement for us as we celebrate these holy feasts in the holy places...and the fact that they occur every year!  I also am planning, and I hope that God blesses, to return for Pascha to see the Holy Light & experience the Holy Fire.  So far only one person is going to try to meet me here from the States, but you're still invited!  Please keep me in your prayers as I leave on Thursday for Egypt for 2-3 weeks, and then on to Mount Athos for Great Lent.
      2006-01-24 14:13:00
      The Biblical miracle recurs on the Jordan during the
      Epiphany Day
      Moscow, January 24, Interfax - Some five thousand pilgrims from various countries became witnesses to a sign that appeared on the holy River of Jordan on the Epiphany Day (January 6/19).

      Immediately after Patriarch Theophilos of Jerusalem performed the rite of the blessing of water, the Jordan boiled up and began to flow back, just as it happened after the baptism of Christ, the Zhizn (Li!
      fe) daily

      Right after silver crosses were thrown into its calm waters after the prayer, the river boiled up. A maelstrom developed and the current flowed back for a several minutes.

      An ecstatic cry of five thousand people resounded over the Jewish desert. People refused to believe their own eyes, just as they did two thousand years when the Jordan turned its current after Jesus Christ entered its waters, the newspaper writes.

      These are stills from short video clips I took of the miracle at the Jordan River on my small digital camera.  The quality is ok, but you can still see the water is in action, not smooth like glass shortly before the blessing took place.  You can probably zoom in on my shot of the Jordan River in the first e-mail to compare what the water looked like beforehand.

      Click a photo to view a larger version on Yahoo! Photos. See links above for more options.
      Here are some frames taken from Justin's video of the Jordan River after it started "turning back" following the Great Blessing by Patriarch Theophilos on the Eve of Theophany.  Something to keep in mind:  before the blessing, the surface of the river was very calm, without any ripples in it.
      rm james


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