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  • Fr. Panagiotes Carras
    THE HOLY CROSS OF THE MONASTERY OF SAINT JOHN THE BAPTIST IN PREVELI,CRETE This holy blessing Cross is the work of an unknown silversmith in Crete during the
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      This holy blessing Cross is the work of an unknown silversmith in Crete during the second half of 18th Century.  It is kept in a shrine in the main church of the Monastery and brought out to be venerated on great Feast days.

      In 1823, in a battle against the Turks at Amourgeles, in Monofatsiou province, the Holy Cross was lost. It was found at the end of 1823 in the hands of Genoese sailors, who had purchased it in Heraklion, Crete.  The sailors returned the Cross to the Monastery when their ship, in a quite mysterious way, simply stopped in the water while sailing in the Libyan sea near the Monastery of Preveli and was able to proceed only after the precious relic was given back.  
      In 1941, The Germans removed all the goods that were stocked in the Monastery and transported them to Rethymnon, Crete.  They destroyed the furniture and the vestments of the monks and caused serious damage to the buildings. Wine barrels, the jars in which the olive oil was stocked, tools, even kitchenware as well the reception rooms and the accommodation for pilgrims and the monks themselves were destroyed.  The Monastery was devastated.  From the church they took the most precious relic of the Monastery. German officers removed the Cross from the Monastery and attempted to send it in Germany. The airplane, which was used to transfer the Holy Cross to Germany,  could not take off. They put the Cross in another airplane and the second airplane could not start. They saw this as a powerful sign and a few days after the looting the Cross was returned to its proper place. 
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