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Parents Beware - Be Aware!

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  • Fr. Panagiotes Carras
    Much of our country s public education system has been inundated with humanistic philosophy. Countless administrators and educators shun or ridicule the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 13, 2003
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      Much of our country's public education system has been inundated with humanistic philosophy.  Countless administrators and educators shun or ridicule the  belief in our Lord and Saviour.  They have created a curriculum which is based on extremely liberal moral systems.  At the same time, many public schools have maintained excellent academic records and their faculty members strive relentlessly to develop character and values in their students.  
      In light of these factors, parents should investigate the schools in their area before categorically accepting or rejecting any particular school.  It is our duty to be familiar with the curriculum and to voice our concerns whenever issues such as homosexuality and other unacceptable sexual practices are presented to our children as normal.  When we see that the curriculum in a particular school offends our Faith, then we should seek a school that is more acceptable.
      The people who are responsible for the curriculum in our schools are influenced by large and powerful corporations and organizations.  There are many pharmaceutical companies that actively influence our education systems.  Millions of jobs and entire industries in the U. S. and Canada are supported by teen sexual irresponsibility. The abortion business alone generates up to one billion dollars annually.  Who knows what the pharmaceutical companies make from various birth control medications and apparatus?  Why would physicians and nurses working in abortion clinics, medical suppliers, and school-based sex-education counselors prefer that adolescents abstain until marriage?  And what about the organizations that owe their existence to teen sexual irresponsibility, such as Planned Parenthood and SIECUS?  They receive upwards of $600 million per year, domestically and internationally, from the U.S. federal government.  Added to that incentive are uncounted millions in corporate grants and individual contributions that flow to the problem.  Imagine how many jobs would be lost if  the media and entertainment industries focused on Christian values.  This is, I'm convinced, why so many professionals who advise young people about sex become angry when abstinence rears its ugly head.  If that idea ever caught on, who would need the services of Planned Parenthood and their ilk?
      Go to your children's school!   Examine the curriculum and find out what they are being taught!  Become active in the PTA and voice your concerns.  Speak to your children and discuss what they have been taught in school.  Encourage your children to seek the advice of their spiritual father and to speak openly to him.
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