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St. Xenia Camp 2001 needs help!

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  • Fr. Panagiotes Carras
    AN APPEAL: ST. XENIA ORTHODOX CHURCH CAMP 2001 LOOKING FOR QUALIFIED COUNSELORS St. Xenia Orthodox Church Camp is about to enter its fourth year, continuing
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 5, 2001
      AN APPEAL:

      St. Xenia Orthodox Church Camp is about to enter its fourth year, continuing its commitment to provide a wholesome, enjoyable and edifying experience for our Orthodox youth. Testimonies from many campers have proven the merit and lasting benefit of such an opportunity, particularly in providing for meaningful fellowship and kinship amongst the participants.

      Each year, we thoroughly review the experience of last year´s camp session, and are eager to explore ways of making the camp even better for the following year. Critical to the success of St. Xenia Orthodox Church Camp, is a nucleus of motivated, energized and committed staff, including counselors, support staff and volunteers. We have been exceedingly blessed in previous years, with a compliment of talented and focused people who have contributed greatly to the success of the camp.

      The role of camp counselor is particularly important. The counselor is called upon to function as mentor, leader, instructor and role model for the young boys or girls he/she is entrusted to supervise for the camp week. It is a responsibility that is great, with rewards that are greater, helping to move the hearts of our Orthodox youth. Successful camp counselors from previous years have attested to the immensely positive and edifying experience, having made a meaningful contribution, in no small measure, to the spiritual development of young Orthodox hearts.

      The camp is therefore eager to attract talented and energetic counselor candidates, who are well grounded in the Faith, and can function as mentors and leaders. Unfortunately, several previous counselors who have done extraordinarily well are unable to follow-through with a new camp commitment this year because of college and/or work obligations. Although this situation leaves us with some vacancies to fill, we are obliged to maintain high standards of eligibility for this critically important role.

      The camp dates for 2001 are August 19-25th, (n.s.) with counselors needing to arrive at camp for orientation and training on August 18th. The camp will be held this year at the same location as last year, Fryeburg, Maine, a setting that was close to ideal with regard to the needs of the campers.

      Camp information, registration packets and counselor applications were sent to all parishes several weeks ago. If you should need more information, or require more paperwork, please contact me at  (207) 967-5830, or mihailoff@....

      If you know of anyone in your parish that would be well suited to fill the role of camp counselor, please encourage that individual to apply or contact me ASAP. (Note: All counselor applicants are required to include a letter of endorsement/support from his/her spiritual father and senior parish priest along with their application.) If additional information is needed regarding the specific duties, responsibilities or general eligibility criteria for counselors, please feel free to contact me, or:

      Elias Winburne, Camp Director    (804) 559-8945 dwinburne@...
      His Grace, Bishop Moses bpmoses@...

      For additional information about the St. Xenia Orthodox Church Camp, as well as downloadable forms, please see our [developing] website at: http://stxeniacamp.homestead.com/home.html. Also, an informative article about the camp was featured in the latest issue of The Faithful Steward.

      Thank you for your support and assistance in making St. Xenia Orthodox Church camp a great success for all.

                                                                 In Christ,

                                                                 Vassily Mihailoff, MD
                                                                 St. Xenia Camp Coordinator

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