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    ... From: Fr. Panagiotes Carras To: EGROUP HOCNA Date: Monday, December 04, 2000 9:20 AM Subject: [hocna] THE FRUIT
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 4, 2000
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      From: Fr. Panagiotes Carras <pcarras@...>
      To: EGROUP HOCNA <hocna@egroups.com>
      Date: Monday, December 04, 2000 9:20 AM
      Subject: [hocna] THE FRUIT OF ECUMENISM

      Honestly, I do not believe in conflict for it's own sake. I admit that I
      have a tendency to be combative, but it is something I truly try to refrain

      With this said though, no matter how pacific one is trying to be, no one can
      claim an interest in "truth" and agree with the statements found in this
      text that this "pan-Jewish" congress has released.

      I agree that these Jews have accuratly assessed the views of most
      "Christians". And I think it goes a long way in demonstrating just how
      correct the outcries against Ecumenism that have come from amongst the
      remnant of Christians has in fact been.

      I remember reading a story not too long ago, about Cardinal John O'Conner of
      New York. Under his eyes, this "conservative" prelate of the Roman Catholic
      Church, more or less approved and blessed the conversion to Judaism of a
      former Roman Catholic. While ideally no one on this list believes that
      young man was best being served as a Roman Catholic, I hardly think someone
      claiming to be a "Christian" can approve of any act of apostacy, let alone
      turning to Judaism.

      The sad truth is, is that there will always be an emnity between the Church
      and the Synagogue, so long as either remains faithful to their respective
      positions. As is always the case, Christian involvement in ecumenism always
      costs the Christian party, and the "closer" that party is to Orthodox faith,
      it seems the more they stand to lose.

      Speaking as someone who has already abandoned the errors of Papism in his
      heart, and is seeking the True Faith, I can tell any Orthodox Christians
      reading this, that NO ONE has ever been GENUINELY attracted to Orthodoxy,
      has been attracted to it in some comprimised form. It is precisely the
      authenticity, antiquity, and distinctivness of Orthodoxy, as OPPOSED to
      other religions, that draws those of good will, who are actually interested
      in becoming Orthodox.

      Allegedly, ecumenism has been meant as a way of somehow drawing erring
      persons into Orthodoxy. In this regard, it has shown itself to be an
      absolute failure, and a means of inviting contamination, instead, into the
      midst of Orthodox Christians. And if one's goal as an ecumenist is anything
      but bringing strangers into the Church, then as far as I can tell such
      persons are betrayers of truth, and have no business pontificating at all.

      Please pray for me, any who read this, for while I know that Orthodoxy,
      correct belief, is what I truly want, I am weak...not to mention rather
      bewildered by the strife amongst those proclaiming themselves to be

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