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  • Fr. Panagiotes Carras
    Metropolis E-News #1 Holy Orthodox Metropolis of Boston November 2000 Introduction, Item 00-001 We have had many requests for more timely communication within
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2000
      Metropolis E-News #1
      Holy Orthodox Metropolis of Boston
      November 2000

      Introduction, Item 00-001
      We have had many requests for more timely communication within the
      Metropolis, both from the Metropolis to the parishes, and among the
      parishes themselves. We have, therefore, decided to produce a monthly
      Bulletin, which will be distributed via email, and posted in the
      parishes. It is intended to supplement, not replace, other Diocesan
      publications. This is the first Bulletin of the series.

      Several points are important: It will consist of short news bullets, or
      notes with a simple text format. Reports of births, baptisms,
      marriages, deaths, parish feasts and projects, etc. will be of
      particular interest. Parishes will be invited to submit items for
      inclusion, but the Editor will determine the final content of the
      Bulletin. We will distribute the Bulletin directly via email to the
      designated parish email contact.

      Each parish should identify an individual who will be responsible for
      communicating parish news for the Bulletin. This person should be a
      reliable and comfortable email user, as email will be the method of
      communication, and willing to print and post the Bulletin in the parish
      for those not receiving it directly. It is anticipated that the
      Bulletin will be distributed the first week of each month; therefore,
      the deadline for submission of information will be the 15th of the
      month. The contact person for all submissions and questions is, at this
      time, mailto:adm.marsh@... [See Bulletin Items 00-004 and 00-005,

      Metropolis contact info, Item 00-002
      All contact for the Metropolis must be at the new Diocesan office. The
      Holy Orthodox Metropolis of Boston, 1476 Centre St.Roslindale, MA
      02131-1417. Telephone (617) 323-6379 Fax (617) 323-3861
      mailto:MetEphraim@... .

      Annual Clergy Synaxis, Item 00-003
      The Synaxis was held October 3 – 8th [n.s.] at the St. Philaret House,
      the new diocesan office. The agenda included business and pastoral
      items. Thirty-six clergymen attended from the US, Canada, and Uganda.
      There was a concelebration at the St. Mark of Ephesus Cathedral on the
      last day. A full account will be included in a forth coming Faithful
      Steward. A Gramata (certificate of Gratitude for diocesan service) was
      presented to Father Deacon Christos Patitsas of Pillars of Orthodoxy
      Church (PA) for his efforts in founding the St. Xenia Youth Camp in

      Clergy/Laity Meeting, Item 00-004 (See also Item 00-007, below)
      Our first Clergy/Laity meeting was held on Saturday, September 25/
      October 7, 2000 and included our Hierarchs, clergy, and lay
      representatives from most parishes. The attendees, numbering
      approximately fifty people collaborated to identify needs and resources.
      The final product was a consensus on needs (youth education, financial
      support, clergy support, family issues) and the establishment of work
      groups to meet the agreed goals. (A full report of this meeting, also,
      will be included in the Faithful Steward.) Enthusiasm was high: many
      attendees volunteered for additional involvement, and there was
      consensus that there should be an annual meeting of the clergy and
      laity. Administrative Support: The work groups explicitly identified as
      an impediment to smooth Diocesan function the impossibility of expecting
      the Hierarchs to meet both the pastoral and administrative needs of the
      Metropolis. They recommended that some substantial administrative
      support be provided, and proposed that a significant commitment be made
      to provide a Chancellor or Administrator to manage administrative
      matters for the Hierarchs. This cannot be a paid position until the
      Metropolis achieves a higher level of financial confidence. Metropolitan
      Ephraim has asked Dr. Edward Marsh to serve as Administrator on a pro
      bono basis, and he has agreed to do so. We are requesting, therefore,
      that as many non-pastoral issues as possible be directed to him (at an
      email address of mailto:adm.marsh@... ). He will have full
      access to the bishops, as needed, to assure quick decisions and
      turn-around, but speed will only be maintained by your contacting him
      directly. The work groups must now carry through the initiatives set
      forth. Contact Dr. Marsh for additional information, or to become
      involved in a work group.

      Search for Bulletin Support, Item 00-005
      We need two or three people who can help produce this monthly Bulletin.
      The tasks would include contacting parishes to solicit information,
      receiving and collating the returned information, and assembling it into
      the Bulletin format. Although the time required would probably be small
      (a few hours per week at most) and "do-able" at convenient times during
      the day, comfort with email, and familiarity with a computer word
      processing program, are necessities. After gathering and assembling the
      Bulletin, the coordinators would submit it to the Metropolis for
      approval by Metropolitan Ephraim, after which it would be returned to
      the coordinators for distribution to the parishes via email. Please make
      a request in your parish for volunteers for the Bulletin consolidating
      team. This will not happen without volunteers! Also, please have your
      communication contact person email mailto:adm.marsh@... no later
      than 12/1/00 to register to be the designated local recipient for the
      monthly Bulletin.

      Uganda, Item 00-006
      Archpriest Joachim Kiyimba of Uganda presented a detailed and moving
      report of the situation in Uganda. The ensuing discussion included
      questions about the church building project, orphanage, school and need
      for financial and other support.

      St. Xenia Youth Camp, Item 00-007
      The Clergy/Laity attendees viewed a slide show presentation by Dr.
      Vassily Mihailoff, Director of the Youth Department, and Elias Winburne,
      Camp Director. Response was very enthusiastic. Fifty-seven children
      attended the camp, which created an "Orthodox Village" atmosphere while
      establishing deep memories and friendships among the children and the
      counselors, as well as providing an enriching experience for the
      volunteer staff. The 2001 camp is scheduled for August 19 - 26 (n.s.). A
      Counselor Orientation and Training Session will be held on August 18th.
      We encourage all parents to consider the great benefits camp offers
      their children; we also encourage adults to consider volunteering, for a
      very rewarding experience. There is a wide variety of needs, so special
      experience or skill is not required. Now is the time to plan ahead for
      next year's camp. Please begin now to set money aside for your own
      children; parishes should consider ways to assist needy families within
      their church communities. For further information contact Dr. Vassily
      Mihailoff via e-mail: mailto:mihailoff@...

      Nativity Fast Reminder, Item 00-008
      The Christmas Fast (Advent) is from November 15/28 through December
      24/January 6. On Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays
      during this fast the rules of fasting are as follows: Abstinence from
      meat, meat products and dairy products. No abstinence from fish,
      shellfish, vegetables and vegetable products, oil, fruit and wine. On
      Wednesday and Fridays (same as on all Wednesdays and Fridays), strict
      fast applies: Abstinence from meat, meat products, dairy products, fish,
      oil, wine. No abstinence from shellfish, vegetables, vegetable
      products, fruit. No food should be eaten between meals, and at meals a
      smaller portion of food should be eaten. During the Christmas Fast,
      from Dec. 13/26 to Dec. 24/Jan. 6 inclusive, the Fast becomes stricter,
      and oil and wine are permitted only on Saturdays and Sundays. Also, fish
      is not permitted on any day during this stricter period.

      Calendar & feasts, Item 00-009
      November 9/22, Wednesday, Parish Feast, St. Nectarios Church in Seattle,
      WA November 9/22, Wednesday, Parish Feast, St. Nektarios Church in
      Toronto. May 7/20, 2001, Sunday, Glorification of St. Philaret, Sunday,
      May 7/20, 2001, Worcester, MA (Further details forthcoming)

      Parish items (information submitted by parishes), Item 00-010
      Mini-Conference Feb 16-18, 2001; 5:30 p.m. Friday-4:00 p.m. Sunday).
      Place: Saint Demetrios, Pomona, CA. Topics: The Attractions of the New
      Age; Parenting and Parental Authority; Living an Orthodox Life in a
      non-orthodox world; Open panel discussions. Guests: Metropolitan
      Ephraim, Metropolitan Makarios, Bishop Moses, Father Panagiotes Carras,
      and Father Nicodemos Gayle. Bring the Children - we have activities
      planned! Free housing available. No charge to attend conference.
      Contact for info: mailto:sdc@... or Nectari Liberis (714)

      Prayers Asked, Item 00-011
      Archpriests George Kochergin, Heguman Adrian, and Matushka Helen
      Lightfoot for recovery from illness, Janice, Antigone, Constantine,

      Travels, Item 00-012
      Metropolitan Makarios of Toronto (locum tenens of Athens) visited first
      Cyprus and then Greece during late October and early November.
      Metropolitan Ephraim was in the Republic of Georgia in early November
      and will be in Seattle in late November. Bishop Moses will spend most of
      November in California and Toronto.

      Prayers Asked For Establishment, Item 00-013
      West of Washington, D.C., in rural Virginia, Mother Irene and Novice
      Elizabeth struggle to the glory of God in the Hermitage of Saint Mary
      Magdalene. They support themselves through the operation of a kennel,
      which they purchased with loans a few years ago. Although they have
      been successful in reducing the debt, they have recently suffered severe
      adversity. The original well ran dry, and they have had to redrill (at
      a cost of $8000) to a depth of 500 feet, and then to purchase very
      expensive filtration equipment ($5000) to eliminate iron. Now bacterial
      contamination has appeared, and treatments with chlorine, and other
      chemicals (some costing several hundreds of dollars) are required.
      Please pray for their deliverance and establishment. Hermitage of Saint
      Mary Magdalene, 7353 Woodlawn Lane, Warrenton, VA, 20187-8954; (540)

      Eternal Memory, Item 00-014
      Reposed: Father Steven Smith of the Saint Seraphim of Sarov Orthodox
      Church in Richmond Virginia, Sunday, 23 September 2000.
      Reposed: Father John Bockman the Saints Peter and Paul Orthodox Mission
      in Tucson Arizona, Thursday 9 November 2000
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