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672The Threat of Humanism

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  • Fr. Panagiotes Carras
    Jul 2, 2008

      At the heart of Humanism is a sense that humanity as a whole is more important than any of its subgroups. Basic to humanism is the belief that man and man alone is responsible for human events.  It is permeated with a sense of togetherness, a sympathy and a sharing, accompanied by a sense that you as an individual share responsibility for our collective future with all the rest of humanity.

      Humanists believe that it is an error to believe that there is a God specifically dedicated to the protection or care of the group you happen to belong to, whether that group is defined by religion or race or whatever, and that your God supports your group as opposed to other groups.  They say that you are in error if you believe that there is a God up there someplace that you can invoke to alter specific things that are going to happen.

      We may safely say that Humanism has become today’s theology and as such appears in many forms.  The form that is particularly dangerous is a type of Christian Humanism that does not openly deny God, but focuses on the individual to the extent that God becomes unnecessary.  The modern heresy of Ecumenism is an attempt to convert all Christians to this form of Humanism.  Metropolitan Moses spoke of this at the Toronto Conference and Fr. Michael Azkoul and Fr. John Bockman, of blessed memory, have written on this subject.

      I believe that we all have a responsibility to learn about this danger to our Faith.  To assist in this, I recommend that you listen to Metropolitan Moses’ talk http://orthodoxyinfo.org/Conference/Conference.html and  read:

      WHAT IS SECULARISM? (Toronto Orthodox Christian Youth Conference Lectures - 1978, Number 1) by Fr. Michael Azkoul.  Available at St. Nectarios Press  http://www.orthodoxpress.org/catalog/talks.htm

      SECULAR HUMANISM: AN ORTHODOX PERSPECTIVE by Fr. John Bockman http://www.orthodoxpress.org/catalog/pratical.htm

      Also take a look at a sermon given by Bishop Theophylaktos of the Patriarchate of Alexandria to see how Humanism has crept into the so-called “Orthodox Churches”;  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLU1tTiXLdE

      Humanism uses the Faith to camouflage its true belief just as the wolf puts on sheep’s skin to go undetected among the flock.  Let us not be deceived.

      In Christ,
      +Fr. Panagiotes

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