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  • Romi Elnagar
    Folks, I m sorry to bother you if you ve already sent emails about this.  This message is going out the night before Troy Davis execution.  It is for a FAX
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      I'm sorry to bother you if you've already sent emails about this.  This message is going out the night before Troy Davis' execution.  It is for a FAX to the DA who has been on this case from the beginning.  This is the last chance to stop this legalized lynching.

      May God have mercy on this young man!


      ANSWER Los Angeles
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      Take Action to Support Troy Davis Today!
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      Troy Davis
      Eugene Puryear at Troy Davis rally, Howard University, 09-16
      Free Troy Davis banner at Howard University, Sept 2011
      TOP: Troy Davis. MIDDLE:  ANSWER organizer and Howard student Eugene Puryear addresses protesters at a campus rally organized by Students Against Mass Incarceration, Sept 16. BOTTOM: Free Troy Davis banner hangs at the Howard University campus.
      More than 1 million people have signed a petition in support of Troy Davis. Demonstrations have taken place around the country and the world. Even the former director of the FBI has said that this execution is an injustice and should not go forward. Seven out of nine witnesses recanted. The real killer was named by three people.
      The execution of Troy Davis shows with full clarity the true character of the racist legal system in the United States—its complete failing as any arbiter of justice.  Davis has accessed all allowed avenues of appeal in the U.S. justice system in his quest not be put to death, an innocent man.
      The members of the politically appointed Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles, impervious to any accountability to the people, have decided that they wish for Troy Davis to die. With their announcement today that they have denied clemency to Troy Davis, he is on course to be executed this Wednesday, Sept. 21 at 7:00 pm Eastern, in the state of Georgia.
      Absolutely no physical evidence has been found that implicates him in the killing. No murder weapon has ever been found, exposing yet another major gap in the prosecution’s case. This is the fourth time the state of Georgia has set an execution date for Davis, who was wrongly convicted of killing a police officer in 1989.
      Of the nine witnesses, seven have recanted or altered their version of events. Five have signed statements saying they were coerced by police to testify against Davis, a common element of many racist “legal lynchings” targeting Black people. Three witnesses said that another man confessed to them that he killed the police officer.
      The ANSWER Coalition has been joining with hundreds of other organizations in demonstrations throughout the country in recent days and weeks, and we are continuing to take action today and tomorrow.
      There is worldwide opposition to Troy Davis's execution. On Sept. 16, coordinated protests took place in cities all over the United States and the world.
      Over 650,000 signatures in support of Troy Davis were delivered to the parole board. Now, over 1 million people have signed petitions in his support. Prominent signers include South African Archbishop Desmond Tutu, former President Jimmy Carter, more than four dozen Members of Congress, and many celebrities.
      The decision to deny clemency to Davis reaffirms the unabashed racism and bankruptcy of the justice system. We are staying in the streets to demand justice! Stop the execution of Troy Davis! End the racist death penalty!
      Take action right now! Send an immediate free fax by clicking here that will go tell the Chatham County's District Attorney Larry Chisolm to seek a withdrawal of the death warrant. It will only take seconds—we have made our online free fax tool available for ANSWER supporters. You fill out your letter, or customize our sample letter, and we will dispatch the fax immediately.
      1. Send a fax
      2. Tell a friend to send a fax
      And join ANSWER Coalition and many others these Los Angeles actions tonight and tomorrow to "Stop the execution of Troy Davis!":
      • Tuesday, Sept. 20, 5pm: Protest at Leimert Park 
      • Wednesday, Sept. 21, 11am - 1pm: Protest and "Save Troy Davis" Vigil at Leimert Park (Crenshaw & Vernon, Los Angeles)
      For more info: 213-251-1025 or answerla@....
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