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2nd Line Against Crime

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  • Charlie
    http://business.fsjna.org/2010/10/2nd-line-against-crime/ Tonight s Parade of Peace was an
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 27, 2010


      Tonight's Parade of Peace was an overwhelming success.

      Hundreds walked with 1st District N.O.P.D. officers and many more came out of their homes to see what was happening.  

      Two bands showed up.   The Warren Easton High School band led the charge and the Young Pinstripes followed the crowd.  The two bands got together for an impromptu performance after the walk while participants danced.   Smiles were abundant.   The Parade of Peace turned into a 2nd Line Against Crime. 

      Check out the 7 minute film where you can see the tremendous support for the Parade of Peace.  Please be sure to have your speakers turned on.  http://business.fsjna.org/2010/10/2nd-line-against-crime/

      If you missed this 2nd Line Against Crime, you really missed a good one!  Tonight's walk was an opportunity to bring diverse interests together walking toward a common goal - peace in our city.

      The community sent a clear message that the 7th Ward supports the N.O.P.D. 1st District's work.


      Charlie London

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