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Goes To House Commitee Tomorrow Morning

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  • Charles London
    ASSIGNED TO HOUSE MUNICIPAL & PAROCHIAL AFFAIRS Scheduled to be heard on 6/10/2009 Updated:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 9, 2009
      Scheduled to be heard on 6/10/2009
      Updated: 6/2/2009
      It is critical that you make your voice heard and request your Representative to VOTE AGAINST SENATE BILL 75.

      TAKE ACTION and let your State Representative know how you feel by visiting
      https://secure2. convio.net/ cgno/site/ Advocacy? cmd=display& page=UserAction& id=281  If the link does not work, copy and paste into your browser.
      House Committee on Municipal, Parochial and Cultural Affairs
      June 10, 2009
      9:30 am
      Room 6

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      SB75MURRAYPLANNING/ZONING - Requires voter approval of any master plan which has the force of law in Orleans Parish.(gov sig)

      In November, 2008, with the broad-based support of citizen and neighborhood leaders, business and good government groups and developers, the voters of New Orleans approved a charter change to require that the city planning commission and the city council, with extensive citizen participation, prepare and adopt a comprehensive master plan with the force of law.

      Now, despite that favorable vote, Sen. Ed Murray of New Orleans has introduced in the state senate proposed legislation (SB 75) to require yet another favorable vote of the citizens of New Orleans before any approved master plan for the City of New Orleans can be implemented.

      Bill gives N.O. voters look at master plan

      Approval or rejection would come at polls
      Tuesday, June 02, 2009
      By Ed Anderson
      Capital bureau

      BATON ROUGE -- Without debate Monday, the Senate unanimously passed a bill that would give New Orleans voters the chance to approve or reject a master plan for post-Katrina development of the city.

      Senate Bill 75 by Sen. Edwin Murray, D-New Orleans, now goes to the House for debate.

      The bill cleared the Senate in less than a minute with Murray briefly explaining it and pointing out that it was a local bill affecting only Orleans Parish. The measure drew no questions and passed 35-0.


      When he handled the bill in committee, Murray said that if voters reject a master plan approved by the City Council, planners and elected officials would have to regroup and make changes until they win voter approval.

      Murray's bill does not specify a date for the vote.

      Existing law spells out the procedure for adopting the master plan by the City Council, and mandates at least one public hearing before the council votes on the plan. Murray's bill builds on that to require a public vote.

      Murray also got the Senate to pass 36-0 his Senate Bill 256 to authorize the French Quarter-Marigny Management District to impose parcel fees ranging from $185 a year on residences to an amount equal to 2.5 mills of the assessed value of the property that would be placed on large commercial sites.

      The money raised would pay for a small staff and for security in the area, Murray said.

      Murray amended the bill to make it effective when Gov. Bobby Jindal signs it. He also changed it to give the agency the "power and authority" to write violations, such as for traffic tickets or minor crimes, if the City Council delegates that authority.

      That bill also now heads to the House for debate.

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      Ed Anderson can be reached at eanderson@... or 225.342.5810.

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