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New Orleans: help defend housing activist against phoney charge

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  • les evenchick
    Contact howellnow@bellsouth.net for more information Jamie Bork Laughner Ordered to Stand Trial on Feb. 2 Judge Karen
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 28, 2009
      Contact howellnow@... <howellnow@...> for more information

      "Jamie "Bork" Laughner Ordered to Stand Trial on Feb. 2 Judge Karen Herman of Orleans Parish Criminal Court I ordered Jamie "Bork" Laughner to stand trial on 9am Monday(Feb. 2nd). The Orleans DA is seeking to railroad Bork on a bogus charge of possessing a false explosive device. The charge against Bork arises from her peaceful occupation at the B.W. Cooper Housing Development that brought a halt to demolition activity at the complex on December 19, 2007. If convicted, Bork faces up to five years in prison. The progressive community is urged to show up to court on Monday as a show of solidarity with Bork and the struggle for affordable housing.

      Mike Howells


      It should be noted that the "false explosive device" was a standard device used by peace activists to attach themselves to buildings. --- Les

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      Les Evenchick
      New Orleans
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