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  • les evenchick
    First Post W. Meeting of C3/Hands Off Iberville7pm Thursday, Jan. 22, 2009Basin Hall in St. Jude s Church410 Basin St. Hurrah! C3/Hands Off
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      First Post W. Meeting of C3/Hands Off Iberville7pm Thursday, Jan. 22, 2009Basin Hall in St. Jude's Church410 Basin St. Hurrah! C3/Hands Off Iberville has survived the Presidency of George W. Bush. Since September of 2001 we have actively and consistently resisted the seemingly infinite number of reactionary initiatives of the W. regime starting with its drive towards war on Afghanistan after 9/11 from our base of action, New Orleans. As we evolved the group recognized that securing justice abroad required fighting for justice at home. The fights at home have included resisting post-9/11 repression, defending public housing and fighting for public healthcare. The roots of C3 in New Orleans are so deep that even the catastrophe that followed Katrina could not wash us away, though many local politicians and non-profiteers no doubt which it had. The presence of so many injustices at home and abroad gaurantees that we will
      continue to fight the oppressors and exploiters that continue to rule the city and the country regardless of who serves as President. The next meeting of C3/Hands Off Iberville will concentrate on mobilizing support for the Feb. 4, 2009 protest to stop HANO's planned mass eviction of the residents of Lafitte who returned home last September. The protest will begin 4:30pm at the Lafitte side of N. Claiborne and Orleans St. I hope you'll be there. The meeting will also address what New Orleanians can do to help make a national public works program a reality here. Mike Howells 504-587-0080

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      Les Evenchick
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