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Fw: [NOLA_C3_Discussion] protest:wall st. + labruzzo

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  • les evenchick
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 4, 2008
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      > Date: Saturday, October 4, 2008, 4:05 PM
      > New Orleans Protest Against Wall St. Bailout & Labruzzo.
      > Mike Howells
      > People opposed to the Wall St. Bailout and
      > Representative John Labruzzo’s statement on CNN
      > scapegoating the poor for the financial crisis picketed the
      > New Orleans Federal Reserve Wednesday afternoon(October
      > 1st). The protesters distributed several hundred fliers to
      > passer bys calling on the Louisiana House of
      > Representatives leadership to remove John Labruzzo from the
      > Health and Welfare Committee, U.S. Senators Mary Landrieu
      > and David Vitter to vote against the Wall St. bailout
      > legislation, a federal moratorium on home mortgage
      > foreclosures, and a mass, federal public works program to
      > help reduce consumer debate and stimulate consumer spending.
      > Protesters carried signs that condemned the proposed
      > federal bailout for Wall Street and the support for the
      > sterilization of the poor recently voiced by Representative
      > Labruzzo. The text of some picket signs linked
      > Labruzzo’s call for sterilizing the poor to the ruling
      > class call for the bailout of Wall Street. This included a
      > sign saying, “Labruzzo + Sterilization of the Poor =
      > An Excuse For The Wall St. Bailout”. Many motorists
      > honked in support of the support of the picket.
      > The protest was sponsored by C3/Hands Off Iberville,
      > MayDay Nola and Elizabeth Cook. The text of the leaflet
      > distributed at the action is below.
      > The Bailout, Wall Street & Labruzzo
      > While being interviewed by Kyra Phillips on CNN
      > Louisiana Representative John Labruzzo made the following
      > statement: And with the, uh, $700 billion bailout I think
      > the taxpayers of America are kind of getting fed up. Look
      > we need people to go to work to help pull the wagon instead
      > of generation after generation jumping into the wagon.
      > This attempt by Labruzzo to link public assistance for the
      > poor to the proposed bailout for Wall Street is a class
      > example of scapegoating. Many people in this country are
      > outraged at the prospect of funneling hundreds of billions
      > of dollars of taxpayer money into an effort to prop up the
      > sagging fortunes of Wall Street banks. The statement by
      > Labruzzo is clearly seeking to divert widespread anger away
      > from the politicians and bankers and towards the nation’s
      > poor. The blame for the crisis facing America rests with
      > this nation’s bankers and politicians, not with the
      > nation’s poor. To suggest otherwise, as Representative
      > Labruzzo does, is a slap in the face of the people who are
      > baring the heaviest burden of the ongoing crisis, the
      > working and middle classes.
      > We, concerned citizens of Louisiana, will
      > gather on Wednesday in front of the building housing the
      > New Orleans Federal Reserve to hold a press conference to
      > denounce both the proposed $700 billion dollar bailout for
      > Wall Street and the Metairie legislator’s attempt to link
      > the financial crisis to public assistance for the poor. We
      > stand front and center for a federal bailout of the groups
      > that collectively make up the vast majority of the victims
      > of the crisis, the working and middle classes.
      > We demand:
      > 1. That John Labruzzo be immediately removed from his
      > assignment to the Health and Welfare Committee of the
      > Louisiana House of Representatives
      > 2. That Senators David Vitter and Mary Landrieu vote
      > against the proposed federal bailout for Wall Street.
      > 3. That the U.S. Government impose an immediate moratorium
      > on mortgage foreclosures.
      > 4. That the U.S. Government implement a mass, public works
      > program which pays a living wage to help stimulate consumer
      > demand and to help reduce consumer debt.
      > C3/Hands Off Iberville, May Day Nola & Elizabeth Cook.
      > 10/01/2008
      > C3/Iberville meets 7pm every Thursday at St. Jude’s
      > Church on 410 Basin St. in the Treme section of New
      > Orleans. Info: 504-587-0080.
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