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Notes from GNOGP Potluck meeting

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  • jamais vu'
    Green Party Potluck Meeting July 24, 2008 Attending: Julie, Sean, Shawn, Tim, Angel (sp?), Dan,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 27, 2008

      Green Party Potluck Meeting                                                                   July 24, 2008

      Attending: Julie, Sean, Shawn, Tim, Angel (sp?), Dan, Malik, Robert, Miriam, Ashley, Christian                     Regrets: Bart, Art, Camille, Ben, Joanna, Brad                                                                                              Notes: Robert

      6:30-7:00 Introductions and Announcements:  Discussion of the 400,000 gallon fuel oil spill in the river. Robert announces that STAND, an organization of homeless and formerly homeless is doing a fish fry all day August 1 at 920 Josephine. Plates are $6.

      Written Announcements from those that could not attend: Brad Ott sends regrets he can't be at meeting (he's in CA); Committee to Reopen Charity Hospital get-together and meeting, slated for Monday August 4, 7-9pm at PJ's Coffee and Tea, 7624 Maple Street . For info, call Derrick at (504) 908-5310 .

      Joanna Dubinsky is interested in working on transit issues and willing to chair Transportation Working Group of the GP.  Her email is Joanna.Dubinsky@...

      Reports: Treasurer's report (Art Carpenter resigned as treasurer but reported by phone a positive balance of $376 )  All positions vacant: Secretary, Treasurers, Organizer, Speakers, Membership Coordinator, Elections Coordinator, etc.

      7-9 PM   Share potluck dinner & open discussion of rebuilding local GP and organizing topics Discusses 2008 Elections/ Elections (including McKiney and Malik Rahim’s candidacies); Non-electoral organizing (Housing, Healthcare, Transportation, Oil consumption/ energy prices, Grassroots Democracy)

      Robert and Malik report on Convention.

      Sean C. agreed to chair a committee on Grassroots Democracy, including creating information on GP views on grassroots democracy, and coordinating Green Participation in the Google Debate.

      Julie W. agreed to do research on local grassroots and progressive organizations and complete a list of them to eventually to outreach.

      Robert C. suggested that the local GP take up an activist project that it would be known for.  He is willing to temporarily chair an Elections Committee (until an elections coordinator is elected).

      Tim and Sean agreed to be active in GP electoral campaigns according to their capacities.

      Discussion of possibilities of forums or taking some meeting time to discuss a pressing issue.

      Julie W. took responsibility for hosting the next meeting, within one month.


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