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Fwd: [NOLA_C3_Discussion] Meet to end political repression in N.O.

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  • les evenchick
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    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 24, 2008
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      > Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2008 03:18:40 +0000
      > Subject: [NOLA_C3_Discussion] Meet to end political
      > repression in N.O.
      > Since last December New Orleans authorities
      > have dramatically escalated the use of police
      > coercion in an attempt to silence the dissent of the
      > working poor, the homeless and advocates of local
      > public services. On December 16, 2007 three
      > demonstrators at a permitted march for the reopening
      > of local public housing development were arrested
      > on St. Bernard Avenue on clearly trumped up
      > charges. On December 19 three public housing
      > advocates conducting a peaceful protest against the
      > proposed demolition of the city’s Big Four housing
      > developments were arrested on bogus felony charges
      > of terrorizing and possessing a false explosive
      > device. The next day New Orleans authorities
      > resorted to extra-legal measures to exclude
      > supporters of local public housing from
      > participating in a public hearing called by City
      > Council that concluded with a vote authorizing the
      > demolition of the St. Bernard, B.W. Cooper, C.J.
      > Peete and Lafitte housing developments.. Scores of
      > opponents of th
      > e demolition plan, some inside of the City Council
      > Chambers and some outside of City Hall, were
      > tasered, pepper sprayed or both as the hearing
      > unfolded. About two-hundred opponents of the
      > demolition plan were locked out of City Hall itself
      > even though seats were still available for the
      > hearing inside the City Council Chamber. In the
      > midst of all this City Council voted unanimously to
      > authorize the demolition of the public housing
      > apartments.
      > In the months following the City Council
      > meeting the police coercion directed at supporters
      > of public services for the working and middle
      > classes has continued unabated. Too date this wave
      > of political repression has resulted in thirty-six
      > arrests.
      > As members of the New Orleans community who
      > refuse to buckle under the weight of this
      > repression we call on everyone who cherishes
      > democratic rights and equal opporturnity to meet 7pm
      > next Thursday at St. Jude’s Church to find ways to
      > end this campaign by local authorities to squelch
      > political dissent.
      > Meeting Information:
      > 7pm Thursday
      > March 27, 2008
      > 400 Basin Street
      > Basin Hall
      > St. Jude’s Church
      > Sponsored by May Day Nola, United Front For
      > Affordable Housing & C3/Hands Off Iberville.
      > For additional information call 504-587-0080.

      Les Evenchick
      New Orleans
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